Spurrier on Hamdan, other topics

Redskins coach Steve Spurrier spoke about the Redskins' seventh-round choice, and a few other topics after the draft.

''He came to our local camp three weeks ago and we were very impressed with him. He's a good-sized young man, throws the ball extremely well and is a good athlete. He ran a 4.9 in the 40. We think he has a lot of potential. He hasn't played a whole lot of football until last year.

''He looks like a pro quarterback. People who watched him in that camp had to be impressed with him.''

Q: What caught your eye the most about him?
A: Everything. He's a good learner and he really accepted coaching well. We worked with him alone for over two hours and he was eager to learn.

Q: What did you arleady like about him before that workout?
A: We knew a little bit about him. Dean Kleinschmidt's son plays at Indiana so they were teammates. But we only saw him on tape. He wasn't invited to the combine, but he went on his own to let us know he was available.

Q: What did you see in the one-on-one workouts that you couldn't see on tape?
A: We were able to see how he accepts coaching and learns. He's very eager to learn. Sometimes it's neat to get a player early like that and help him develop his habits. He has physical abilities. His attitude and eagerness to learn were exceptional.

Q: Are you still searching for a punter and safety?
A: We've still got some safeties who can play. We hope to get a free agent punter. Bryan Barker is still on our roster. At one time he was one of the best in the league, but he had an off year. We'll see how he comes back.

Q: Will you give Barker a shot?
A: Yeah, he's coming back. We'll let him jump in there and punt. He punted well in practice last year, but he didn't punt well in games.

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