Smith arrested

Redskins end Bruce Smith called it ''mind-boggling'' that he was arrested for driving under the influence, having registered a .07 on a breathalyzer earlier this week.

Smith was returning from a party.

''We're all marked men,'' said Smith, at Redskins Park Thursday to get his physical before this weekend's minicamp. ''Anytime you're in the limelight I guess you have to live and do things beyond and above the call of normal. It's an unfortunate situation. But I feel confident it will be handled in a way that will be positive.''

Smith referred legal questions to his attorney, Larry Cardon. Smith said he doesn't think the incident will be a distraction on the football field.

And, he said, he remains leaning strongly toward returning next season.

''Right now it looks good,'' Smith said. ''What's real exciting are the changes that have been made. They're definitely a positive impact for the team. It will open up our offense and stretch the field so opposing defenses can't key on one area.''

When the season ended, Smith had had enough. He was tired of hovering around .500 with no hope for improvement. And his body ached.

'Who wants to fight a losing battle,'' he said. ''Going home for the holidays is not the position I want to be in.''

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