In Their Words: Larry Fedora

The University of Florida perimeter passing game coordinator talks about his ex-pupil: receiver Taylor Jacobs, the Redskins second-round draft pick.

Obviously Taylor was one of our team leaders and one of our most explosive players on offense. He was a very big part of our game plan evey week and we tried to get the ball in his hands as much as possible.

Taylor has the desire to be very good. I saw him as a very confident player this past year. He has tremendous speed and explosiveness. I don't know what he was timed for people, but he was always as fast as he needed to be to get the ball. The Redskins got a heck of a player. He'll do wonderful.

Taylor had double coverage probably 95 percent of the year, with someone lined up head up on him and a safety over the top. I saw some very abnormal coverages against him. And for him to catch the amount of balls he did with that kind of coverage was impressive.

We moved him around as much as possible to keep him out of double teams and motioned him out of the backfield. We lined him up to the one-receiver side quite a bit to create mismatches. We did a lot of things with him and he had no problem learning and adjusting to the things we wanted to do. The guy wants the ball in his hands.

He has tremendous athletic ability and a knack for running routes. He runs sharp, precise routes and gets open and has good hands. He's a guy who is not only fast on the track, but when he puts the pads on he carries his speed the same way.

He's confident in his abilities and he knows the more time we'd get the ball in his hands the better chance we had of being successful. A lot of people want the ball, but he knows and feels like if we get the ball in his hands, he has a chance to make something happen every time. I'd see it every day in practice. He competes every day.

The Florida receiver stuff has been brought up, but who knows what will happen. Stereotyping anybody is unfair, but life is unfair. I'm sure what he'll do is take that challenge and go up to prove people wrong. I'm sure Taylor will take that challenge very well. The Redskins got a very exciting player. I'm excited to watch him in the future.

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