Grading the Draft: Redskins

The Redskins started their draft back in February on the first day of free agency. It seemed owner Daniel Snyder had an infatuation with players wearing New York Jets jersey's as he signed four and as a result gave away the teams' selection in the first and fifth round. In the end the Skins were left with only three draft choices making the weekend non-dramatic for the franchise.











Taylor Jacobs







Derrick Dockery



From New England




Gibran Hamdan



From Miami

UDFA: Clifton Smith /ILB/Syracuse, Chris Clemons /OLB/Georgia, Sultan McCullough /RB/USC, Brad Banks /QB/Iowa, Kevin Ware /TE/Washington, Durrand Roundtree /DE/Maryland, Brian Mance /CB/Clemson, Justin McElfish /G/Richmond

In the end the Skins traded away the 13th pick of the draft for Laveranues Coles after signing the restricted free agent to a big money contract.  Was it the right move?  Well, from the point of view that Coles was better than any player available in the middle of the first round one would have to say yes.  Then again, when looking at the money given to Coles and the fact that the former Jet was a mediocre receiver until Chad Pennington was inserted into the line-up you must wonder, especially with the unsettled situation behind center in Washington.

Their initial pick of the draft came in round two and they tabbed Florida receiver Taylor Jacobs, a player Steve Spurrier is quite familiar with.  Obviously Jacobs perfectly fits the Redskin offense as his reliable hands and route running skills will be a welcome addition.  Why did Jacobs, a consensus first round pick, fall into the middle of round two?  Several scouts we spoke with feel the failure of highly ranked Gator receivers to meet expectations has many thinking the system  makes UF wide outs look better then they actually are.  We're betting Jacobs bucks that trend and feel this was an excellent choice for the Skins.

Washington has been in need of a dominant run blocking guard for some time now and they hope Derrick Dockery is the solution.  Dockery definitely has the skills to open holes for the running game or protect the passer and overpowers defenders when focused on the task at hand.  To our minds he may be better off at right tackle as he needs a lot of room to work with his wide body.  The big Texas lineman could be a starter by opening day or could quickly be looking for a new line of work.  His out of shape performance at the combine really turned teams off and left them wondering how much Dockery really wants to play at the next level.  To his credit Sprurrier has had success with this type of lineman.

Gibran Hamden, their final selection, was a surprise choice but the efficient short range passer is a thinking man's quarterback, that's what Spurrier wants.

The organization did an excellent job bringing in undrafted players.  Limited in his versatility and pass coverage abilities, Clifton Smith will thrive if his duties are kept to defending the run.  Chris Clemmons is  a solid developmental player at strong side linebacker while the same can be said for Kevin Ware at tight end.

Analysis: With limited picks in their possession the Skins did a good job and at least two-thirds of the players chosen will quickly contribute.  Then again you must question their decision to sign so many free agents to big money contracts....hasn't this strategy failed them in the past?

Tony Pauline
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