Five Questions with: Ifeanyi Ohalete

The Redskins' third-year safety answers questions about his role and what he's learned.

Q: How different do you feel this year, having started some games last year and now entering your third year?
A: Each year you feel more comfortable and you get more comfortable with the defense. Last year having those couple of games starting helped me go through some growing pains. I made some mistakes and made some good plays. I'm trying to improve on the mistakes and continue to make good plays.

Q: What mistakes were made because you were young?
A: Sometimes I'd get out of position and get overzealous as a first-time starter. I would try to make a play instead of letting plays come to me. I've improved on that and become more patient and more comfortable in the defense, letting the game come to me more.

Q: Do you sense a difference in yourself this year compared to last?
A: Definitely. It's a cliche, but it's true: the more you learn about the game the slower it gets. It's starting to slow down for me. I'm making my breaks crisper and that helps a lot.

Q: Lots of people said the Redskins needed another safety, how do you respond?
A: Well, that's the nature of the business. Everyone thinks there's always something better out there. If that's not the case, then people wouldn't get divorced or have adultery. They always think there's someone better out there. I think the coaches have confidence in the safeties they have now. With Matt in the mix it makes the competition that much better. Right now they say it's an all-out competition. That's what football is about. If I don't start, I'll play a signifcant role. We'll still rotate and play a lot.

Q: How anxious are you for camp?
a: I'm definitely ready for it. I'm a hitter. I like to put the pads on and hit. It's good to run around out here, but I show more on the field when it's game time and we have the pads on. That's when I'll stand out a little bit.

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