10 Most Pivotal Redskins Going into 03

Continuing our new series, the top 10 most pivotal Redskins, we will evaluate a different player from the top 10 Redskins going into 2003. Today we take a look at Defensive end Renaldo Wynn.

Renaldo Wynn got a six-year, $20 million contract to come over to the Redskins from the Jacksonville Jaguars. When most people see that kind of money for a defensive end, they expect to see an impact player or at least one who is on the field for every down. In 2002 the Redskins got neither in Wynn.

Wynn started in all 16 games was tenth on the team with 30 solo tackles. He tallied 2.5 sacks, the same number as fellow defensive end Ladairis Jackson, who played in just 12 games and didn't start any of them. In short, after the pregame introductions, Wynn's name was rarely uttered over any stadium's PA system.

Skewing these numbers is the fact that Wynn usually wasn't in the game in passing situations. Linebacker Lavar Arrington often lined up as the left end in passing situations. New defensive coordinator George Edwards has stated that this alignment for Arrington would not be the norm next year. It remains to be seen who will be there in Arrington's place.

It's possible that Wynn won't be lining up at defensive end at all this year. There is still talk out there that defensive tackle Dan Wilkinson could be cut if he doesn't agree to reduce his $5.1 million salary cap number. Wynn has lined up at tackle during coaching sessions this offseason and is considered to be a viable alternative if things fall apart with Wilkinson. His size, 6-3, 280 is borderline for a tackle, but the thought is that his quickness can compensate for his lack of size when battling 300-plus pound guards.

No matter what position Wynn plays in 2003, the Redskins will be looking to get more bang for their bucks out of him.

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