Five Questions With: Matt Bowen

The Redskins newest safety shares his thoughts on the defense--and the newfound speed on offense.

Q: I know it's only spring and no one's in pads, but how do you feel so far in this defense?
A: I feel good. It's hard not to feel good with the type of players I have around myself. The set of linebackers we have, the corners, the pass rushers, it's easy to feel comfortable in our defense. It's not much different from other defenses I've been on, just different players, different attitudes.

Q: Has anything opened your eyes about this group:
A: Speed. I haven't seen a faster defense ever. I haven't seen a faster set of linebackers before. I haven't seen linebackers with that type of playmaking ability.

Q: What does that do for you:
A: It all starts up front and our pass rush is good. We have some guys coming back from injuries who, when they're back, will help us a ton. As a defensive back if you have good people in front of you, you're going to play better. Look at how Tampa Bay has done the past couple of years. John Lynch has been a very good player, but that front four has helped him too. He's a Pro Bowl safety, but it also helps when you have guys like that up there.

Q: You have a great vantage point of the speed on offense, especially with players like Coles and Trung and Morton. Wht's your take on them?
A: They're as fast as they come. This is like track practice. Those guys run a lot during practice and when they run a lot we run a lot. It's great practice for us, it'll be great preparation for us. Those guys are competititve. It'll make training camp fun.

Q: Chad put a nice move on you the other day. I know it's different without the pads, but how hard is he to get a handle on?
A: He's going to be tough. You have to break down and make a tackle, but that's easier said than done. He has a shiftiness to him like Marshall Faulk does. You can teach all the tackling techniques in the world, but when you get out there [against a guy like that], it's not as easy as it looks.

Editor's note: Matt Bowen will join the Insiders for a chat at 1:30 p.m. ET on Tuesday June 17. Get your questions ready.

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