Five Questions With: Patrick Ramsey

The Redskins second-year quarterback talks about how he's improved and how the game has slowed down considerably for him.

Q: You told me earlier this spring you wanted to talk with Peyton Manning. Have you done that yet? What do you want to learn from him?
A: I'm going to talk to him this summer, just about key things that have helped him. Not fundamentaly, but in terms of personnel. From what I understand he keeps tabs on all the defensive backs in the NFL. What do you look for? How do you try to attack it? When he comes to the line, what's the thought process? Do you do it in steps. I just want to learn something. We're both pocket quarterbacks who can throw the ball where it needs to be thrown I like to build myself as being an intelligent quarterback and that's what he is.

Q: When you watch film of yourself, what are you looking for?
A: When I go through the film the first time I look at coverages, at players' techniques and tendencies. The second time I'll go through and say, 'This is my play, this is what I need to do.' The next time I'll say, 'What do I need to get to.' Just to familiarize and put yourself in that position many times.

Q: When you first started last year, what was your main focus?
A: I would focus on trying to fire the ball to the guy I thought would be open. That's all I was concerned about. And it's not that simplistic. There are so many factors to focus on now. I can't think too much, but you have to think a lot. Before I was telegraphing where I would throw the ball. I'm so much more confident in what's going to happen after the ball is snapped. That's in no way a fault of my coaches. I just didn't have a clue last year. Well, I had a clue, but I wasn't really confident in what was going to happen when the ball was snapped. Now I'm very confident. And the biggest area where I've improved is in knowing what protection we're in. I know who is supposed to be blocked.

Q: Did you notice even in minicamps and coaching sessions that the game has slowed down for you?
A: A lot. You can almost think during a play. I can drop back and say, 'That safety's getting deep, I'll keep my eyes over here until I need to throw it over here.' I can toy with guys and get them even more open than they already are. Whereas when you're not sure you're just back there looking. Usually when I get into my second step I know where I'm going with the ball and I try to make guys more open.

Q: After all the moves that were made, how anxious are you for the season to start?
A: I'm very anxious, but I'm very anxious to do well. I'm very anxious to be sharp and on my game and I'm very anxious when we start training camp to play well and establish myself early so people don't have to say, 'Well, he'll do well in the preseason games.' I want them to say, 'He's doing really well now, we're ready to go.'

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