10 Most Pivotal Redskins for 2003

One of the hot books in the business world these days is entitled "Good to Great". As one would guess from the title, it's about how good business organizations become great ones. Among the needed components that author Jim Collins says are needed to make this leap are "highly capable individuals", people who make contributions to the organization through "talent, knowledge, skills, and good work habits." In other words, you need good role players.

It's unlikely that Collins knows who Bryan Johnson and Rock Cartwright are, but he could have been referring to the Redskins' fullback combo. Their blocking helped the Redskins top three tailbacks, Stephen Davis, Kenny Watson, and Ladell Betts, combine for some 1,700 yards rushing. Between them, they caught 28 passes, a total that would have placed fourth on the team.

In 2003, the Redskins can be successful if the duo's pass-catching productivity is cut by half. Neither of them has to have a breakout season. What will be needed, though, is for them to continue to do the dirty work. Most importantly, they will need to protect quarterback Patrick Ramsey from blitzing linebackers and lineman who break through the first line of the defense.

If one of them occasionally slips through the line and get in the open field as a safety valve, that will be a bonus. But they both might as well go out and get Hog snouts, because that's what their primary role will be.

Rich Tandler is the author of The Redskins From A to Z, Volume 1: The Games. This unique book has detailed coverage of every game the Redskins played from 1937 through the 2001 season. For details, go to RedskinsAtoZ.com

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