Q&A With: Steve Spurrier Jr.

The Redskins receivers coach discusses his unit, and a different kind of surgery that could help Cliff Russell. Check it out....

Q: What has struck you about this group over the last couple months?
A: It's an impressive group, a talented group, especially the speed and quickness. It's different. There are plays where may have run them last year but didn't get much and now we get open just by outrunning [defenders]. We have guys who are just that much better.

Q: We knew about the speed. What else has surprised you?
A: The speed is a lot. Also, Cliff was hurt and no one knew if he would do well. But he's done really well. He's fast. When you see him coming at you he's moving quickly. And they're making plays. They're catching well, too. They're not just running downfield, they're running the right routes and catching the ball well. We're doing a lot of things right right now

Q: How has Darnerien McCants looked?
A: Good. He's a big strong guy who continues to improve. He's learned more. But he needs a lot of reps and plays and needs to see a lot of defenses.

Q: This could be a tight competition. Do you anticipate keeping six receivers again?
A: I don't know how they'll do the numbers. We could keep five, we could keep seven. There could be a practice squad guy.

Q: Will playing in this offense for a year help Rod Gardner get a little quicker out there?
A: The knowledge helps. It also helps that he sees these other guys run. He sees four guys running around him who are all faster than him. That gives him an edge that, 'I'll do what I do best.' He's picked it up competitively. He's worked harder. He runs faster. He's more physical. It has helped him that Laveranues Coles is here and he can see the other guys running well.

Q: We knew Cliff was fast, but what else have you seen in him?
A: He had that Lasix surgery. I remember putting his glasses on before he had the surgery and he was blind as a bat. He wore contacts, but he just had bad vision. Now he's catching the ball extremely well. He's made some really good catches out there. I keep asking him how those eyes feel. With Cliff it's like having another draft pick because he's like a rookie. It helps that he's been in the system and learned a lot, but he didn't do much. But he was around the players and he knows what to expect. He still has to just to go play. But he has talent.

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