Front Office Moves

Some familiar football names mixed in with some respected behind-the-scenes types were brought on board at Redskins Park to complete the organization's front office staff. The moves were brought on by the departure of Vice President of Football Operations Joe Mendes.

In essence, Mendes was replaced by Eric Schaffer, formerly staff counsel at IMG Football. Schaffer will be the team capologist and will be responsible for negotiating the contracts of the team's three draft picks in time for training camp next week. Owner Dan Snyder will continue to be involved in contract negotiations, especially the big deals.

Two men with past Redskins connections rejoined the team in the scouting department. Cary Conklin, a quarterback who started two games for the team in the 1993 season, was hired as a college scout while Foge Fazio, the Skins' linebackers coach in 2000, will be a part-time consultant. In addition, former NFL player Marcus Dupree will join Conklin as a college scout while Mike Kelly will scout NFL players and teams.

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