Pro Day Observations

Southern Miss held their annual pro-day at Petal High School this year, and was on hand and provides this report and update from the Golden Eagle stars.

I will have full interview stories throughout the next couple of days with the players in attendance. Here are a few observations that stuck out to me from the workouts:

There were plenty of scouts in attendance. NFL teams included the Saints, Bears, Falcons, Rams, Bills and a few others that I was not able to confirm (they really need to scale up the size of the logos on the NFL polo shirts). There were also a couple of CFL scouts in attendance.

Korey Williams had a great performance. He looked really solid in all of his drills, and in the 40. He was getting attention from several scouts.

Jamie Collins chose not to run the 40 and only participate in positional drills. He posted a strong 40 at the combine, so there was no reason for him to do it at the pro-day. All eyes were on him as he went through the drills, and he didn't disappoint. His footwork was very solid, and he moved very fluidly. I noticed the Bills scout spent extra time talking with Collins. I also saw a Bills scout at a couple of games, so this leads me to believe they may be quite interested.

Tracy Lampley also had a solid day. I hand timed him with a 4.36 40, but he said most scouts were telling him he was in the 4.4 area, so my trigger finger must have been a little quick. He talked about how he believes his versitility could be a key in landing a spot on a team, and that he has put added emphasis on his special teams skills as a way to try to make an NFL roster. When I went to interview him he had to run back onto the field to do some more drills, so I assumed I had probably missed my shot to get some quotes from him. When he finished his drills though, he sought me out and made sure I was able to get an interview from him. This is just another example of his already well documented high character.

Both Lampley and Williams said their goal is the NFL, but that they would both love the opportunity to play in the CFL. Both players said it's all about getting an opportunity, and that an opportunity is all they want.

Jason Weaver had a good day as well. I sat in front of a few of his family members in the stands, and Weaver told them that he had improved his 40 time and his drill times from the combine. He was wearing his gear from the combine, and said it was a point of pride that he was invited to Indy to participate.

These were my main takeaways from the event. The individual player stories will have more quotes from the players on what they thought about the day, etc.

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