Justin Tuck urges teammates to step up

Following a loss in Week 2 to the Denver Broncos, New York Giants' star defensive end Justin Tuck talked about mistakes his defense made and what areas the team needs to improve on in order to get back on the winning track.

After their second consecutive defeat in this past Sunday, the New York Giants are literally going back to the drawing board. The team endured a romping by Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos by a score of 41 -23. After the game, Giants' defensive end, Justin Tuck shared a few thoughts about the game; specifically, the defense against Peyton Manning, and leadership on the defensive side.

"It's a loss. "Nobody cares about good enough," said Tuck. "Good or close doesn't count in anything but horseshoes and grenades… They took advantage of it, especially in the second half,"

While the team had quite a few mistakes on offense, the defense still let Peyton Manning and Wes Welker do what they does best: score points.

After a good fight in the first half, it seemed to all go downhill in the third quarter.

"We had opportunities, got the ball on the ground, could have stopped that drive there, the ball didn't bounce our way there," stated Tuck. "We have to go out there and start taking advantage of opportunities and somebody had to step up and make a play. We didn't make enough plays today."

Not only did the defense have to worry about an elite Broncos' offense, but it had to specifically work on countering Peyton Manning, a quarterback who can be tough to deal with. Tuck explained why Denver's signal-callers is one of the NFL's all-time greats.

" He figures out ways to get his offense in the right play most of the time," noted Tuck. "Whatever defense, he finds a way. Something Manning certainly showed off in the second half."

Plays like this included two long touchdown runs, which sealed the score. Although the Broncos are a great team, Tuck told reporters postgame that the Giants missed defensive assignments.

"[It] was on us. It was a good scheme play, but it's still on us," insisted Tuck. "We can stop those runs with a few adjustments."

But what would those adjustments include? Certainy the offense has a list of things to work on. But for the defense this includes the pass rush.

"I think we got pressure in spots, but [Peyton] does a good job getting the ball out of his hands," admitted Tuck.

Tuck also intends on stepping up as a defensive leader in Week 3 in order for these adjustments to work out and guarantee a win against the Carolina Panthers next Sunday.

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