Cheers and Jeers: Week 5 Edition

The New York Giants suffered their fifth consecutive loss on Sunday to the arch-rival Philadelphia Eagles. The Giants Beat's Steven Macri recaps a nightmarish Week 5 for Eli Manning and company.


Eli Manning threw the ball 52 times on Sunday and completed less than half of those attempts. Manning also threw three crucial interceptions that came at pivotal moments of the game. It's obvious the offense is struggling at the moment. But, the Giants gave the home crowd some early fireworks on Sunday when Manning connected with Hakeem Nicks for 49 yards that put the Giants within striking distance. New York capped off the drive with a five yard touchdown run by David Wilson. This was the struggling running back's first touchdown of the season after being shut out the first four games.


The offense unfortunately has the spotlight once again, what's new? Eli Manning tossed three interceptions on Sunday with all of them coming during the fourth quarter. The Giants were only down 22-21 at the beginning of the final quarter, but once again careless decisions by No. 10 led to the downfall of the team. Some of his passes were questionable to say the least. At times he threw into windows that were simply not open. Manning now has 12 interceptions against only eight touchdown passes. We all remember the last time a quarterback in New York had trouble getting rid of the turnover bug. Hint, his rise to fame came because of a butt fumble in front of a Thanksgiving audience.

Hear, Hear:

"Sometimes in a game things are going to go wrong or you're going to be in a bad predicament and you have to make the best decision," Eli Manning said. "Whatever is, throw it away or take a sack. I know I can't keep turning the ball over in those times."

In Case You Missed It:

It was hard to miss for Giants fans, but Wilson took a tough hit in the back of the end zone which has led to him being ruled out for the Chicago Bears game. The starting running back will not play against a tough Chicago Bears defense. This injury came after an early touchdown from the young running back. That touchdown gave hope to Tom Coughlin and the rest of Giants nation, but that quickly slipped away. Brandon Jacobs will start on Thursday night and expect Da'Rel Scott to receive some reps as well.

What's Next:

In case you missed it, the New York Giants are 0-5 and showed no signs of improving on Sunday. Antrel Rolle has been saying careless quotes to the media that the franchise can't even back up on the playing field. Big Blue is off to its worst start since the 1987 season and has its backs against the proverbial wall. Next on the schedule is the Chicago Bears, who are coming off a 26-18 defeat at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. Alshon Jeffrey had a career day on Sunday with ten receptions for 218 yards and a touchdown catch. Jeffrey has been a great compliment to Brandon Marshall this season and quarterback Jay Cutler has taken advantage of finally having receiving options on offense. The rushing attack was shaky last week, but he is facing a Giants defense that has been unable to stop the ground game this season. The Giants will be without their starting running back Wilson, but this may be an opportunity for someone else to finally step up. When will the Giants begin to play like a team that was predicted to win the NFC East? So far no signs have been shown of a miracle turnaround, but maybe a win on the road in Chicago is just what the doctor ordered.

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