Redskins linebacker LaVar Arrington likely will be used more as a pass rusher this season. He looked good lining up at end yesterday, blowing past right tackle Jon Jansen three times in one nine on seven drill. Once, he blew past Jansen, raced to quarterback Sage Rosenfels and tipped the ball in the air, before grabbing it and running to the end zone.

''He has the quickness that can cause problems for a pass protection unit,''
Redskins coach Marty Schottenheimer said. ''And he's so competitive. That
might be a role in
which we use him this year.''

Jansen didn't seem too pleased with Arrington's performance. On the next play
following Arrington's big play, Jansen fired off into Arrington, driving him
back. The two locked arms, but that's as far as it went.


. . . Rookie corner Fred Smoot continued his solid play. He intercepted three
passes during drills yesterday and knocked down several others. Smoot is
expected to play against Atlanta's first-string wideouts on Friday, giving
the Redskins an indication of what he can do against better players.

. . . Quarterback Jeff George threw on the side yesterday and felt no pain.
That's encouraging news for the Redskins.


. . . The rookie quarterbacks showed how far they have to go. In one six-play
stretch, quarterbacks Mike Watkins and Sage Rosenfels threw six interceptions
and no completions. Ugh.

. . . The man dressed in an Elvis costume at Biddle Field. What's the point?


Smoot: ''I'm not the pretty boy type who just likes to cover. I like to get
involved in the game. I like to tackle. I like to get in there and feel the

Redskins receiver Kevin Lockett on the quarterback injuries: ''It does play a
big part. Not only does it hurt me but it hurts our whole offense. The timing
is off because Jeff is out. We hope Jeff can get back so we can get in our
rhyhtm. The whole point of practice is to gain consistency. But Sage is a
rookie, Mike is a rookie. Todd's in his second year. You expect that at that
age. It's a learning process.''

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers and is a
correspondent for Pro Football Weekly.

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