Gilbride shocked by Giants' offensive woes

It's been a nightmarish campaign for quarterback Eli Manning and offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and they'll have one last opportunity to get things clicking in the season finale on Sunday.

It's the last week of the NFL regular season, and the New York Giants are one of those teams that are gearing up for a long offseason after being eliminated from playoff contention a few weeks ago. The Giants, who had Super Bowl aspirations at the beginning of the season, have had a terrible 2013 campaign.

The Giants have endured many struggles especially on offensive side of the ball. A team with a elite quarterback in Eli Manning and great wide receivers in Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, has somehow struggled all season long. Manning has not played like an elite quarterback and leads the league in interceptions thrown. The offensive line has played terrible all season long and there hasn't been much of a running game while Nicks has not been the player he was back during the 2011 season.

The offense's struggles this season have been a surprise to Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, who is shocked by the unit's subpar play including Nick. "He's had some chances, sometimes the ball's going other ways, sometimes the coverage dictated that it goes to somebody else, but there's been opportunities," said Gilbride on Nicks' lack of productivity. "It's unfortunate that on Sunday we misfired on one, he was wide open down the sidelines, so it just hasn't worked out. Am I surprised? Yeah, no question. "

Because of the offense's disappointing play this season, Gilbride has gotten a lot heat and many fans and analysts believe should be fired.

With Big Blue playing its last game Sunday at MetLife stadium against the Washington Redskins, it will be very interesting to see what Giants management will do in the offseason. That though isn't a topic the Giants are worried about right now and the team is focusing on beating the Redskins on Sunday. Gilbride and the Giants offense aren't dwelling on their struggles this season and trying to improve on the good play they had in their win last week against the Detroit Lions. Gilbride even spoke out about how impressed he was with some of the Giants offensive players last game, especially the play of wide receiver Jerrel Jernigan.

"He's played well the past couple of chances we've given him," said Gilbride of Jernigan. "He has made some terrific catches. The great thing is he made a touchdown catch that we got called for delay of game and came right back and threw it to him and made a tremendous catch. He's a terrific kid that's been working hard, very patient, and it's hard to get into his natural spot, which is inside, and Victor has been playing very well, so he doesn't get as many reps as most guys would have gotten. When the opportunity has arisen, he certainly has taken full advantage of it."

On Sunday, the Giants, who stand at 6-9 on the season, will try to avoid losing 10 games in a season. The last time the Giants had double digit losses in a season was 2004, Eli Manning's rookie season.

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