If quarterback Todd Husak plays--which is highly questionable--he must improve over last week. Granted, it wasn't all his fault. But he's now in a serious battle with Tony Banks for the backup job behind Jeff George--rookie Sage Rosenfels will be No. 3 regardless. Another bad night and Husak will be with another team.


Redskins linebacker Kevin Mitchell entered training camp as the No. 1

guy inside, ahead of veteran Robert Jones. The Redskins liked Mitchell's

work ethic and Marty Schottenheimer called him one of the hardest

workers he's ever had.

That doesn't matter now. Jones, signed in June, is pushing Mitchell hard

for the starting job. That means Mitchell must make a strong impression

against the Falcons to keep his spot. He must now earn the job on the

field, something he felt he did last year.

Then there's corner Donovan Greer. The five-year veteran, with all of

three career starts, will start tonight opposite Champ Bailey. Greer

allowed five catches against Kansas City, including a 29-yarder for a

touchdown. Another performance like that and it will be hard for the

Redskins to justify giving him the job over Darrell Green. Or, for that

matter, rookie Fred Smoot.

Guard Derrick Fletcher has his chance to impress, too. He replaces

Mookie Moore at right guard, a move the coaches say was pre-planned. We

don't believe them. Had that been the case, Schottenheimer had plenty of

opportunities to say so. It wasn't until after Moore's lackluster

performance against the Chiefs that this decision was made.

Of course, the eventual starter could be Ben Coleman, if he's ever

healthy. The Redskins will test his knee this week. If he can't practice

this week, it could be hard for him to be ready by season's start.

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