Giants just doing business as usual

It has been said the Giants are going out of character making so many moves in free agency but its business as usual writes The Giants Beat's T. Merritt.

It has been said the Giants are going out of character making so many moves in free agency but really they are still staying true to themselves. Here are five ways the Giants usually run the team:

1. Build through the draft

2. Keep their own players (if they want the guy to stay on the team)

3. Bring One or Two Big Free Agents

4. Refuse to overpay for people because if they make it in New York they will make money in other ways (right Mr. Subway)

5. Keep their problems and concerns in house.

Proof/ Reasoning

1. We all knew at the end or probably close to the middle of the season things had to change with this team and the way contracts were set up, they had no choice. One reason for so much activity on the free agent market is they did not have enough players on their team under contract or some of them under contract should not have been. While the Giants usually go with building the team through the draft and they have six picks in this draft and there is no way they could change a team around even if they hit home runs with each of those six picks (obviously they are lucky if they are hitting singles with these picks recently). The draft still will be a key cog in building this team because as you can see from the free agent moves the priority was offensive line and the back end of the defense.

So if you want to read the tea leaves it looks like this team is going to try to get weapons of the offensive variety through the draft. Especially since Ben Mcadoo's supposed offensive strategy is based around the tight end and position and the Giants do not have one they can be confident in so I would not be surprised if Eric Ebron from North Carolina is the pick.

But we all know the Giants do not draft for need so depending on who drops to them this pick could be anyone but that is another reason for so much activity because Giants DON'T DRAFT TO FILL NEEDS.

2. Giants keep players that they want and they are usually right when they do get rid of players. Can you name one player in recent history that was a star for the Giants but they let him leave and he did anything for that next team. (See The Grass Isn't Always Greener For Ex-New York Giants)

They do not overpay for what you did in the past which is not great news for the people that want to live in Super Bowls Past (we will miss you Tuck, Terrell Thomas, not so much you Corey Webster) but this is why the Giants will not stay down for long.

Also this shows you how much they think of Antrel Rolle because even with his high cap number they are keeping him. Jon Beason played great for them and they kept him. Do you see a pattern?

3. The Giants are always good at bringing in at least one free agent that people get excited about, granted it does not always work (remember Lavar Arrington). Cullen Jenkins was last year, which was a solid move. This year its Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, which is a little more exciting and Geoff Schwartz because the O-line was so bad.

All of the rest of the moves are not going to break the bank and a lot of one year, prove it deals which is good if people are playing to show people they are worth the money.

4. I already touched on how they don't overpay for people so I will use this for the people that are mad about Justin Tuck leaving. Justin Tuck played great this past year (hmmmm a contract year) but I have to ask what was he doing for the two years before that. Now I am a Tuck fan but I will remember him fondly for his days as a Giant and love that he help them get Super Bowls but if the person does not leave on their own someone has to make the decision.

Be grateful the Giants have the people in the organization that know when to say when because I will be surprised (and hope I am wrong) if Tuck has more than five sacks next year.

5. The one thing that does not get enough attention around the league is that the Giants keep their problems and what they think in-house. Look at the free agent moves, everyone talked about the offensive line and that seems to be a priority but the top priority is revamping this secondary. New York was obviously not happy with its secondary play but did you hear about that in the press? No. Which is another reason players here want to stay because they are treated with respect.

The Giants do things a certain way in the offseason which is conservative and aggressive at the same time. They have a plan and continue to stick to their plans that is why they are a world-class organization and will continue to be. Can you remember the last time Giants went into a season with no hope of making the playoffs? I can't and that is how fans have grown to love the New York Giants.

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