Defensive tackle Kenard Lang took advantage of Cleveland's running off-tackle. It allowed him to use his speed to make plays, which he most certainly did. He had one tackle for a loss of three yards and another stop for a one-yard gain.


. . . Fullback Donnell Bennett ran three times for 20 yards, all on quick-hit runs, and caught two passes for eight yards. His blocking was much improved, giving him the advantage once more over Bryan Johnson.

. . . Running back Ki-Jana Carter ran 12 times for 24 yards, barely getting any room to run. But he caught three passes for 63 yards, including a screen for 54 yards. Another nice pickup.

. . . Receiver Justin Skaggs returned a kickoff 31 yards and, later in that series, caught a 43-yard pass to the 2-yard line. If nothing else Skaggs would make a good practice squader.

MIXED REVIEWS . . . Corner Lloyd Harrison returned a pass 54 yards for a clinching touchdown. All he did was stay in his zone and pick off an errant pass. But he allowed a couple receptions. And, on one play, he avoided contact with Browns fullback Mike Sellers, allowing a big gain.

. . .Linebacker LaVar Arrington used his speed to record tackles of two yards and no yards. But too often he's blocked by fullbacks and tight ends.


. . . Left tackle Matt Campbell struggled mightily, allowing Tyrone Rogers to pressure the quarterback the entire first half. Campbell hasn't played well at guard, either.

. . . Left tackle Ben Coleman started a second or two late on one play, leading to a sack. Later, he jumped early for a false start.

. . . Linebacker Robert Jones was beaten on a 49-yard touchdown pass to running back Jamel White. He did not make the plays he made a week earlier.

. . .Guard Derrick Fletcher had his moments, but he's way too slow trying to get wide. It cost Washington on one play when he was slow getting to linebacker Dwayne Rudd, who stopped Carter short on third and one.

. . . Safety Martavius Houston got too far inside on a punt return, allowing Lenzi Jackson to run 37 yards. Houston needed to pinch him back inside, but instead gave him the entire sideline.

John Keim covers the Redskins for The Journal Newspapers and is a correspondent for Pro Football Weekly.

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