Redskins: 5 questions for 2015 playoff push

The Redskins will have another new direction in 2015, with many questions needing positive answers. Here are some of the top issues facing the team for 2015.

1) What will the long-term vision of new Redskins general manager Scot McCloughan be? How does he view coach Jay Gruden, quarterback Robert Griffin III and the dynamics between the two? Will Washington be active in free agency to fill in the holes or take the more prudent path through the draft? These are tough questions that all Washington fans will know soon. Certainly this is a team that has spent a ton of money over the years on the open market and where exactly has that gotten them? Mistakes here and the cost to move up and draft RG3 have really hampered this franchise.

2) What in the world has happened with Robert Griffin III? After a very good rookie campaign three years ago, he has been injury-prone and certainly regressed as a quarterback. He once showed so much promise and potential. Washington hired Jay Gruden to rescue their young star signal caller, but their relationship looked horrible this past season. Can Gruden revitalize RG3? Can the two co-exist? They have to get this figured out this off-season or this franchise is not going anywhere.

Speaking of RG3, the Redskins spent so much to go and get their quarterback a few years ago, but now it’s time to go protect their investment. So many of his injuries are due to his style of play. Still, Washington has to do a much better job up front and need better play on the offensive front. They gave up 58 sacks in 2014, second-most in the league. The Redskins would be wise to use their first-round pick on a right tackle because that was a position of weakness for this unit. They also need more depth on the inside.

3) Washington needs to find a good replacement for defensive coordinator Jim Haslett. This is a monster decision because Gruden will likely be on a very short leash in 2015. Joe Barry, Raheem Morris, Jim Schwartz and others have been interviewed. Don’t go get the big-name guy, rather find the right guy.

4) The Redskins have another huge priority this off-season: upgrade their poor secondary. This is a unit that got torched for much of the season. Washington needs another cornerback or two, and perhaps even a pair of safeties. Much will depend on the new coordinator and the direction he wants to go in.

5) Address the defensive front. When he’s healthy, Brian Orakpo is a very good defensive end. But he’s missed a ton of time because of injury since he’s been in the league. Add to that he’s a pending free agent. The Redskins will have a tough call here. Regardless of what they decide to do with Orakpo, Washington needs to go get a pass rusher or two, whether it’s through the draft, free agency or both. Certainly they could grab a good one with upside with their top overall selection in the draft.

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