Foo Fighter compares injury to Theismann

Dave Grohl remembers the infamous injury at the hands of Lawrence Taylor....

Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl is a rock and roll force and a native of Northern Virginia who can unfortunately relate to former Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann’s infamous leg injury.

The former Nirvana drummer suffered a broken leg last week in concert on the European leg of the Fighters’ current tour. Grohl recapped the injury on the band’s website while explaining some upcoming concerts would be cancelled.

“Two songs into our set at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, I made a mad dash to the right of the stage during MONKEY WRENCH to shred some tasty licks for the kids up front. It was a beautiful night, beautiful stadium, 52,000 screaming people….dream gig! Well….wait for it….I definitely shredded something (ZING!) Wound up feet first over the Edge (pun intended), dropping about 12 feet, dislocating my ankle and snapping my fibula like an old pair of take out chopsticks. Whoopsie daisy. Not good. Without realizing the extent of my injuries, I stood up to get back onstage and crumbled like a sack of Joe Theismanns (look it up, kiddies). That shit was B-R-O-K-E.”

Ouch on so many levels, including the unwanted trip down memory lane when Theismann’s leg snapped while being taken sacked by New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.

No word from Grohl on whether the Foo Fighters are still on board for their July 4 concert at RFK – or if Jay Schroeder would step in as lead singer if needed.

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