Day 2 notebook: Backup plan

Coverage from the final day of the Redskins’ mini-camp includes Matt Jones’ workload and the lone QB battle

Quick roundup from the final day of the Redskins’ veteran’s mini-camp. More on these stories and more in the coming days.

  • Matt Jones and not Alfred Morris received the bulk of work with the first unit during red-zone drills. Head coach Jay Gruden downplayed any significance other than the rookie needs reps. Gruden added that, per usual, he’s “very impressed” by Morris. Jones carried the ball several times in those scenarios.

  • Offensive line coach Bill Callahan has worn many hats during his lengthy NFL coaching career. With that wealth of experience, don’t be surprised if he ends up calling a chunk of plays during the season. "Coach Callahan will be the guy who will devise the run game, pretty much, game plan wise and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s calling the majority of the runs on game day,” Gruden said.

  • Let’s avoid the hyper-critique that comes with all things Robert Griffin III and just simply say he looked good in spots on Wednesday , but overall perhaps a tick down from Tuesday’s showing. His biggest issue remains the same: RG3 still holds the ball too long (even in drills without a pass rush). Anyway, the real show comes in training camp.

  • Asked if any of the late-round picks stood out this offseason, Gruden wasn’t shy with singling out safety Kyshoen Jarrett. The sixth-round pick is excelling on special teams.

  • One day after Kirk Cousins worked behind Griffin, Colt McCoy worked with the second team. Gruden stated the backup job won’t be decided for some time. All we know for sure is that the backup won’t be Griffin.

  • Intentional or not (but probably yes), Griffin consistently drops interesting phrases on the media. Two more today:

    “Some call it the grind. I call it the find since you find what you have.” and ”Sometimes you have to throw a little swag on it"

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