Against all odds

One gambling site updated their Super Bowl odds and in doing so showed little faith in the Redskins.

New 2015 Super Bowl odds are courtesy of the gambling site Bovada. Rather than list all of the teams slotted ahead of the Washington Redskins, let's go the other way and note the teams with lower odds.

Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans. That's it, that's the list.

The Redskins are 125-1, meaning they have the lowest odds of any team in the NFC.

Green Bay (6-1) topped Seattle (13-2) followed by Indianapolis and New England.

Dallas (10-1) is fifth. Philadelphia (20-1) and the New York Giants (28-1) round out the NFC East -- and show just how far behind the Redskins are viewed behind their division foes two months before the season opener.

Until the quarterback situation appears steady and the head coach seems viable, don't expect outlooks to change.

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