Analyst ranks RG3 super low among starters

It's no secret that the Redskins' quarterback situation is sketchy heading into the 2015 season. In some ways, the scenario looks even worse when comparing starting quarterbacks around the league.

Just about everybody not wearing burgundy-and-gold colored glasses recognizes the uncertain scenario and unsettling options with the Washington Redskins' quarterback situation. Of course, around half of the league can find fault with their signal caller. Not everyone has future Hall of Famers like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers or Super Bowl champions like Joe Flacco or Eli Manning on their side.

According to one NFL writer, only one team is worse off than the Redskins.

Andy Benoit with Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback ranked all projected starting quarterbacks 1-32. The presentation started at the bottom with Buffalo's Matt Cassel. Then came you know who.

31. Robert Griffin III, Washington

His mobility is not what it once was. That’s an issue, as he has mountains to climb to improve his mechanics and field-reading.

That Twitter-sized analysis is in-line with what many a writer, reporter or blogger has expressed in various articles and novel-sized critiques.

Speaking of unsettling, what's truly striking is noting the quarterbacks ranked ahead of Griffin and I don't mean Brady (1), Rodgers (2), Flacco (8), Tony Romo (10) or Eli Manning (11). Let's not even fret about rookies Marcus Mariota (30) and Jameis Winston (26) being slotted ahead of the rising fourth-year QB.

* Josh McCown (29) flamed out during his one year in Tampa Bay, completing only 56 percent of his passes while throwing more interceptions (14) than touchdowns (11). Now the 36-year-old is stopgap option in Cleveland while the Browns figure out what to make of Johnny Manziel.

* Brian Hoyer (28) was the starter in Cleveland last season. He's no longer there in part because, like McCown, he also had more picks than touchdown tosses and yet had an even lower completion percentage. The QB musical chairs brought him to Houston where the Texans might find success with Ryan Mallett or Tom Savage, but who really knows. What's known about Hoyer is that upside isn't a thing.

* Geno Smith (27) probably only wishes he had RGIII's local coverage because at least there are some who believe there are better days ahead. Good look finding a J-E-T-S fan who doesn't sigh or slump shoulders before offering up an opinion on the former West Virginia star. Now, it's not all doom and gloom. Smith finished 2014 with a perfect QB rating in his final start. The Jets then selected the third quarterback (Bryce Petty) in the 2015 NFL Draft.

* Blake Bortles (25) was the third overall pick by Jacksonville in 2014. The jury remains out, though Benoit shows more faith in other quarterbacks selected the same year: Teddy Bridgewater (23) and Derek Carr (19).

The Redskins situation ranks behind all those, at least in the mind of one NFL writer. The thing is, at this moment in time, he's probably not alone.

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