Knighton talks Peyton, RG3, 'Pot Roast'

More from Breaking Burgundy's interview with nose tackle Terrance Knighton including his thoughts on the early practice, his recent quarterbacks and the origins of that nickname.

We previously wrote about new Redskins nose tackle Terrance Knighton including his take on his role in Washington and rank among his peers. Now here's some remaining quotes from our interview with "Pot Roast from the last day of the early June mini-camp. Includes comparing Redskins with Broncos, Peyton Manning, thoughts on RG3 and the origins of that tremendous nickname.

Sense of the team after the last practices before training camp

"Each day we're getting better. That's the only way we can evaluate it right now. There are no pads on and we're going against each other so we're taking care of each other on the field. Everybody has been here. EVerybody is working hard. Right now it's about building camaraderie and learning the playbook and that's exactly what we're doing.

If at this point in the process he can tell how this Redskins team compares to those recent Denver teams bases on offseason workouts

"You can't really tell right now. It's too early. Everybody has the same goals in mind around the league. Everyone think they're going to win the super Bowl. You have to put in the work. Midway through the season I'll tell you how the team is progressing, but right now we're still building. We're not at step one, but we're working our way up the ladder.

If there a point in camp where he might be able to notices any differences

Once everybody starts clicking, everybody is in the right place. We'll be able to tell when we practice against the Texans midway through camp to see what type of team we have. It will be a good way to evaluate ourselves early on. Right now we're just building camaraderie and learning the playbook.

How he landed the nickname "Pot Roast"

I got it on my rookie year (with Denver) on a plane ride back from Seattle. The team comedian (Clint Ingram) was sitting behind me. I ordered (pot roast) on the plane and it stuck with me. I'm glad I ordered that because it was either that or Shrimp Alfredo. I made the right choice.

Thoughts on Robert Griffin III as a player and as a guy compared to what he heard before arriving here

"It's too early right now. I talk to him a lot. Tell him how Peyton (Manning) used to practice, how Peyton takes control of the team and the offense. Just tell him to do everything at full speed. We go as he goes. The defense can be great, but if the offense doesn't keep us off the field and do what they've got to do, we won't be successful. If you look around the league, teams with great quarterbacks are in the playoffs and playing for that trophy. It's a lot of pressure on him, but when you play quarterback in the National Football League, that's something you've got to embrace.

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