Redskins notebook: RGIII addresses critics

Recapping the first day of training camp for Robert Griffin III, interest in Junior Galette and Kirk Cousins' adventures

RICHMOND -- Robert Griffin III still takes his time throwing passes from the pocket, but it didn't long for the Washington Redskins quarterback to make his media debut at the Washington Redskins training camp.

The decision to speak on day one probably came down to the simple reality that starting quarterbacks are big deals. Perhaps a desire to simply get the obvious questions about dealing with critics out of the way factored in. Regardless, Griffin addressed this topic and others in between Thursday's walkthrough and afternoon practice.

"You can't worry about what other people say," Griffin said. "That's not who you play for. You play for your teammates, your coaches, your city. That's all I've focused on."

* Griffin's tendency to hold the ball...and hold the ball...and hold the ball while scanning for targets downfield continued during the morning walkthrough. To his credit, RGIII looked sharper during the afternoon practice, hitting on some sideline and longer tosses. Sharper isn't the same as fixed, however.

* On finding a happy medium between his skills and coach Jay Gruden's schemes: That's part of the growth of the team and growing together as a quarterback and head coach. But I can tell you now, whatever Jay wants to run we're going to run and that's what we're going to be successful at."

On if his perspective changed entering this camp, his fourth, now that he's a father: "It's crazy. Having a baby girl now, it made it really tough to leave to come to training camp, but it makes you focus in even more. ...I was changing diapers and rocking babies to sleep all offseason -- aside from training, of course."

* Gruden confirmed the team was planning on meeting with former Saints outside linebacker Junior Galette on Thursday. New Orleans released the pass rusher last week with character concerns reportedly among the primary reasons.

“We judge it on an individual basis," Gruden said when asked about the team's process regarding gauging character with free agents. "And it’s something that Scot [McCloughan], myself and Bruce [Allen] and the defensive staff will all talk about. Obviously, he’s had some issues in the past but we like to draw our own conclusions about every individual that we bring in to this building, and we’ll go from there. It’s very early right now, and I haven’t had a chance to talk to him at all. So until I do, I won’t draw any conclusions on what’s happened to him in the past.”

* Sticking with the quarterbacks, Kirk Cousins certainly didn't pull any closer to Griffin in any possible QB competition. He threw one interception and missed badly on others, though there were solid completions as well. Now, let's just throw out the disclaimer that with knowing the pass pattern, it's uncertain if there were other complications leading to the pick. That said, Cousins certainly had his share of mistakes last season.

They said it: "It's great. You've got to get away from your family. A lot of bad things can happen, especially with the young guys. I'm a married man. I'm going to be in the house, but you never know with those young guys. They could be out partying any hour they get." - defensive end Jason Hatcher on the idea of holding training camp out of town."

* I've covered training camp in the past, but this was my first time in Richmond. My sense of the crowd size: Decent, but not overwhelming or sporting a raucous a roll and roll vibe. My colleagues with Richmond camp experience were largely stunned by the limited size. Some went as far as saying it was the smallest crowd for any day without weather issues in three years. The Redskins announced 3,341 people attended Thursday, the second lowest crowd since moving camp to Richmond. The average last season, according to the team, was 10,986.

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