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Origin stories are the best. They provide an account revealing how a character or team, group ended up in the circumstances with which we are introduced.

If we're talking comic books, we learn how Batman became the Cape Crusader or why Wolverine joins X-Men. If we're talking music, we find out how Mick met Keith or the rhymes that moved Eminem from underground to mainstream. In sports, how did Ronda Rousey and Kevin Durant come to dominate their respective fields? For more local context, how did Joe Gibbs turn the Redskins into three-time Super Bowl champions?

Scout.com's Washington Redskins site "Breaking Burgundy," already a leader in fantasy football and NFL Draft analysis, is set to become a force in the coverage of all things burgundy and gold. That will lead to questions. Where did these people, the thinkers, this passionate community come from? How did a previously dormant site end up competing with the established names in town?

Those questions will lead back to this moment, the moment Breaking Burgundy took off and fans helped shape the site's direction. This matters because, as we all know, being one of the first to discover the next big thing is far cooler than jumping on the bandwagon later.

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