The time RGIII, J.J. Watt played in Richmond

Redskins QB Robert Griffin III received an up close and frightening look at Texans' pass rusher J.J Watt -- and lived to tell about it.

Richmond -- Robert Griffin III's first 2015 reps against a defense not filled with his own teammates came Thursday against a Houston Texans' defense led by J.J. Watt.

In theory, working against different schemes and personnel will only help the Washington Redskins starting quarterback. Then again, facing the ferocious pass rusher isn't exactly a walk in the park.

"Yeah, I mean, I don't want to see J.J. so I hope I don't see see J.J.," Griffin joked following the morning practice session at the Bon Secours facility.

The two did in fact meet a few times during the early joint practice. Though the Redskins offensive line largely held their own during 11-on-11 drills, only a protective yellow jersey worn by Griffin prevented Watt from unloading on him.

On one play, Griffin stayed in the pocket before running up the middle. Watt, the 2014 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, initially stayed home at his left end spot before turning toward his prey. Both teams were in pads, but quarterbacks don't get touched in such drills. Therefore, Griffin avoided an unwanted fate many other signal callers have met.

"He got to me one time today pretty quick," Griffin noted.

Young linemen Morgan Moses and Brandon Scherff, Washington's starting right tackle and guard, received most of the work against Watt.

"I think it' good for the linemen to go against on of the best D-linemen in the league, if not the best," Griffin said of Watt. "Our guys, they look forward going up against him every day to kind of gauge what else it is that they need to work on, so I think that's a good test for them."

Watt passed on speaking with the media following practice. Instead he spent time catching passes from the JUGS machine and actual humans while running routes -- and while Griffin recapped the day.

Overall, the fourth year passer thought, "the offense did a good job moving the ball" against the Texans.

"The last session, I could've done a better job with two of those passes that I had, but I felt overall it was a great day," he said.

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