RGIII on his father's role; QB rotation set

The discussion of Robert Griffin III practicing with his father and the Redskins QB plan against the Browns came up following Tuesday's practice.

If your Redskins bingo card included a square about Robert Griffin III talking about throwing passes with his dad on the field helping after Monday's practice, congratulations. This was your day.

The dad-son combination working together - Griffin Sr. played the role of pass rusher while team personnel caught passes - drew some eyebrows from some observers. It led to the quarterback answering questions about the scenario after Tuesday's practice.

“He’s a big reason I am where I am today,” Griffin said. “He taught me everything I know, and just to have him out here and enjoy this process of me being a starting quarterback in the NFL for one of the premier franchises in the league, it’s something he needs to enjoy, too.

“I know he shies away from a lot of stuff because of what’s been said in the past, but you can’t worry about that. I want him to be out here. I want him to enjoy that. And as long as the coaches in the organization don’t have a problem with him being around me - he is my dad - then there’s nothing that we’re doing that’s stepping on anybody’s toes.”

Griffin acknowledged there are limits to his father's access around the team.

“I’m not going to say, ‘Hey, can my dad come into meetings?’” Griffin said. “That’s not his place. But if the coaches are gone, and I want to get a little bit of extra work in, and my dad comes to one practice out of a thousand, and I say, ‘Hey Dad, put your hands up and I’m going to throw over you,’ I don’t think that’s too big of a deal. It’s just me trying to get better.”

* Kirk Cousins told reporters he expects to receive a healthy amount of snaps in Thursday's preseason opener at Cleveland once Griffin exits. Cousins, listed as the No. 2 QB on the team depth chart, noted the plan involved Colt McCoy to follow with the two switching roles the following week against the Lions.

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