The smart play: Redskins over/under wins

Feeling good about the Redskins' win total this season? No, sot so much? Our guy Frankie Stacks will let you know which of those instincts is the winning one.

Before we reveal the over/under win total Las Vegas bestowed upon the Washington Redskins for 2015, a quick refresher on the previous two seasons. Be brave because it's about to get scary. The Redskins went 4-12 last year, an actual improvement on 2013's 3-13 record. That's seven wins over two seasons. That total makes the line of 6.5 set for 2015 rather interesting.

Quick - first reaction is...? Which way do you go? Everybody -- the so-called experts, the "analytics" community, the casual fan -- are really low on the Skins with literally no one liking their chances this season. This makes this pick actually very easy. The smart money is to take the over!

Outside of its division, Washington will face New England, Carolina, New Orleans, Buffalo, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Tampa Bay, St. Louis and the New York Jets. I am no expert here, but I would expect the Redskins to get at least four wins out of this crop. From there, all they would have to do is go .500 in conference play to get you seven wins and a payday!

However, here's the thing about this prop bet. Throw out breaking down each game and whether the Redskins will win or not. It all comes down to what is expected of the burgundy and gold. Right now, the overwhelming sentiment is misery. So that's where we implement the GTOW (Go the other way) theory, a.k.a the anti-public move.

Oh, by the way, to compare, the Vikings and Jets are also set at total wins of 6.5 with Jacksonville the lowest at 5.5 wins. The highest total is Seattle with 11 and New England is right there with 10.5.

In your heart of hearts, you think the Skins can win more than six games? Exactly. You don't, so go against your gut and take the over. You will thank me in December.

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