Silver linings playbook: Pondering no Galette

Before Junior Galette ever played down for the Redskins, the team apparently must prepare for this season without him. Considering the other options, it could be worse.

For those who follow the Redskins, being able to find bright spots in a long season full of disappointments is key. And I’m not just talking about the usual “let’s look at the glass half full” type of optimism; I mean something like, “OK, even though the glass has fallen off the table and shattered into a million pieces, at least I get to use my new broom to sweep it up” type of optimism.

I’m going to employ that sense of positivity when dealing with the devastating Junior Galette news that came out on Wednesday afternoon. The recently signed defensive end/outside linebacker, who was supposed to give the Redskins another pass rushing threat and possibly overtake Ryan Kerrigan as the team’s leading sack artist, is likely done for the year after reportedly suffering a torn Achilles. That injury sucks. Sorry to be brash, and sorry for not finding a better way to describe it, but it just sucks.

However, and this is the “digging for a sliver of hope despite the pile of negativity” side coming out in me, there is something that Redskins fans can look to as they try to deal with the Galette news: the guys behind him now get to step up. And fortunately for Washington, Galette’s position is one of the few where there is a lot of depth. (Let's not even imagine a world where this happens with the left tackle.)

It’s your time to shine, Trent Murphy and Preston Smith.

When Galette was rumored to be visiting the Redskins, many were against it because they were afraid his presence would stunt the growth of Murphy, one of the more hyped up players from this offseason, and Smith, a 2015 second-round pick. With Galette reportedly done for the season, however, Murphy and Smith will both get the major playing time they were slated for before Junior’s arrival. That’s something to be excited about, right guys?

There’s no denying that having Galette would’ve been great for the Redskins’ defense – as far as pure pass rushing goes, no one in Burgundy and Gold could match his talents. With that being said, now Murphy and Smith will get their chance to contribute on defense, and for a team that has a hard time developing young guys, that could be an important development.

It’s obviously not the best news in the world, and I may be stretching a bit, but as someone who’s watched the Redskins for years now, I’m used to this sort of thing. Who knows, if Murphy and Smith perform the way the talk around them suggests they can, we could end up looking back on this day as a blessing in disguise. Now, anyone seen my broom?

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