Redskins' Williams becomes highest paid OT

Don't fret about the Washington Redskins letting Trent Williams escape in free agency. The left tackle is now locked up with a massive deal.

No matter who lines at quarterback for this season and beyond, offensive tackle Trent Williams will be there to provide protection.

The Washington Redskins and Williams agreed to a five-year contract that makes Williams the highest paid offensive tackle in league history.

Williams confirmed the contract via own Twitter account.

Guessing this means Williams will be picking up the check going forward.

What this means: Talk about a no-brainer. When making up a list of NFL building blocks, the offensive line and specifically the left tackle rank right at the top behind the quarterback. Williams is easily one of Washington's bright spots on the field and a leader off it, which made keeping the 27-year-old a a priority. Solving the insanity elsewhere is the next step.

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