Fantasy Football: Pre-draft tips and thoughts

Stop and read these fantasy football tips before your weekend draft.

The last week for fantasy drafts is upon us, which means that if you still have yours ahead of you, it’s more important than ever to be aware of the trends in fantasy football. Luckily You’ve just scored a touchdown! I broke down some of the most important happenings around the league, and gave you a little extra, for draft-day preparation.

Six Points

Brady is Free: If you haven’t heard by now, then you must be living under a rock, but Tom Brady had his suspension overturned earlier this week. Did the judge have Brady on his fantasy team? Maybe, but that’s not the point. The fantasy implication for upcoming drafts is huge. Let me spell it out: Brady is a top seven quarterback for sure. His draft stock will no doubt rise after the news, but if he drops past the 6th round in any format, pick him up without hesitation.

Foster Falling Too Far: The oft-injured Arian Foster has developed a reputation as a roster wrecker after yet another injury for the former first round fantasy pick. At where he’s going in current fantasy drafts, however, he’s an absolute steal. Reports say Foster could be back by the end of September, which means RB1 upside for 75% of the year. Keep an eye out for him in the middle rounds as many owners, who haven’t paid attention to his injury timbale, are avoiding him for too long. Risk wins fantasy leagues, the upside here is well worth it.

ACL Injuries Taking Their Toll: This shouldn’t be a problem on the more popular online draft hubs, but for those of you who are traveling off the beaten path and doing your drafts offline, make sure to not be “that guy” who takes an already injured player. Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin are out for the year! In fact, make sure to enter any player’s name into google before you call them out as your guy. Don’t derail your season before it starts.

You Should Want(e) Davante: Okay, that was a horrible excuse for a pun, but the point stands. Going along with the injury to Jordy Nelson, don’t miss out on a chance to get in on the action with Devante Adams. He’ll take over the second wide receiver duties for Green Bay in an elite, Aaron Rodgers lead passing attack. Easily a fantasy WR2 this year.

New Life for Doug Martin: The offseason began with doubt about whether the Muscle Hamster would even start for the Bucs, but Martin has solidified a role in the Tampa Bay backfield through a superb preseason. He’s flashed the agility and quickness that made him a fantasy stud back in his rookie year, and is a solid flex that is worth an 8th round pick in many cases. Keep him on the radar.

Steelers Suspensions: A number of Steelers won’t suit up for the first several games due to suspensions, namely Le’Veon Bell and Martavis Bryant. Bell is out for two games, but expect consistent and elite level production from him in the remaining 14. He should be the first overall pick. The Bryant suspension has fellow Pittsburgh receiver, Markus Wheaton’s, draft stock rising substantially. I know Ben Standig disagrees, but it’s a trap. I’ve seen Wheaton go as high as the 10th round. He doesn’t have the talent that Bryant has, and will be relegated to number three duties once again when Bryant comes back in three games.

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Extra Point:

Brandon Coleman Making Splashes: Don’t jump on the hype train late with Coleman, the young receiver has looked like the next big thing in the preseason, and has a golden opportunity. It’s clearly time for someone to take the reins from the aging Marques Colston, and in an offense run by Drew Brees, Coleman could become a fantasy starter over night.

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