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Redskins announce initial practice squad

The Redskins added seven familiar names to their practice squad.

The Washington Redskins announced additions to their 10-player practice squad Sunday afternoon:

OLB Houston Bates

DE Corey Crawford

CB Quinton Dunbar

OT Jakoby Cofield

TE @Je'ron Hamm

ILB Terrance Plummer

RB Trey Williams

  • All were released by Washington Saturday. Hamm was a lock to return considering only two tight ends (Jordan ReedDerek Carrier) are on the 53-man roster. Same for Bates and Plummer since the Redskins are currently carrying just eight linebackers for their 3-4 defense. Bates is also a special teams factor. Cofield impressed with his versatility while Williams stood out with his shifty running style. Dunbar shifted from receiver to DB during camp.
  • Reports have the Redskins adding FB Ray Agnew, who played 12 games as a rookie for the Browns last season. The 5-foot-11, 242-pounder was released by the Cowboys Saturday. Adding a fullback is intersting seeing as Darell Young is established in that role and it's hard imagining the Redskins would activate two fullbacks on game day.
  • Practice squad provides depth for, well, practices and in case of injury. Good to have a player on hand already familiar with the team's system. Therefore an argument for almost position works for the final spots. That includes quarterback if the team intends on moving Robert Griffin III sooner than later. Don't expect that to happen just yet, of course and by "that" we mean all of it.

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