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Week 1 NFL Picks: Don't sleep on the underdogs

The down-and-dirty Week 1 NFL picks from our guy Frank "Frankie Stacks" Hanrahan

It's time to make the dough, people! My big time Smart Money plays are based on those dollar bill signs below. The more $, the smarter the play. Let's have a big weekend!



My big time smart money play of the week is Jacksonville +3 at home versus Carolina. The Panthers should destroy the Jags or at least that's what I think and many others do, so we are going to bet against our head here and take the Jags!



Everybody thinks the Redskins are going to stink and they maybe right long term but the play here is Washington +3.5. Maybe they don't win, but at least for a Sunday they prove the pundits wrong with a cover. 



The Colts are a measly 2.5 point favorite at Buffalo. Hmmm let me see here, Andrew Luck versus TYROD TAYLOR and Indy is favored by less than a field goal aganst the Bills? More reason to take Buffalo and the points.

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I want the Ravens to lose so bad after the way Jon Harbaugh was such a colossal dick in the pre-season. With that said, take Baltimore +4.5 at Denver. I am going against my heart here, not to mention Peyton Manning. 



One of the favorites has to cover this week right? Give the 6.5 points and take Green Bay. Heck its the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. It would be stupid to bet against him. Olivia Munn co-signs this take, obviously.

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