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Extra Reps: The good, bad and ugh from he Washington Redskins season opening loss to the Miami Dolphins

From Jordan Reed's catches to Andre Roberts, we examine the good, bad and ugh from the Redskins season opening loss

Now that the Week 1 season opener between the Redskins and the Dolphins is over, it's time to prepare for the process in which coaches, players, and analysts break down the biggest plays from the contest many times during the next few days. However, there are plenty of other plays from the game, ones that won't necessarily garner a lot of attention in the highlight shows or get their spot in online stories, which are still important. They may be quirky, they may be funny, or they may be awful, but they're important nonetheless.

In Extra Reps, my job is to bring your attention to those plays. You'll hear plenty of talk about Kirk Cousins interceptions, but what about Andre Roberts drop-filled afternoon? That's where I come in — to analyze the under-analyzed. Let's get some extra reps:

Are we sure that was a home opener?

Anyone hoping for a sea of Burgundy and Gold in the FedEx Field stands was surely disappointed with the turnout on Sunday. Honestly, I must have missed the point when Washington and Miami became next-door neighbors, because there was a heavy contingent of ‘Phins fans at 1 o’clock and they made their presence felt throughout the game. That kind of stuff usually happens starting in December, not September.

We saw a lot from No. 98, and there’s a lot of No. 98 to see

We’ve seen Terrance Knighton play a decent amount for the ‘Skins so far throughout the preseason, but Sunday was our first full taste of the big nose tackle. And my lord, the man is big. Like, so big. lists him at 354 pounds, but I would wager he’s more around 375. Not sure how there weren’t indents in the field after Knighton fell on top of some Miami players. 


DeSean Jackson's shoulder injury held him out of Washington’s exhibition contests, but it also may have led to his hamstring issue against the Dolphins, too. On his first real route of the matchup, Washington's No. 11 ran a go route down the right sideline and immediately reached for his leg. One would have to think that not practicing or playing for the last three-ish weeks contributed to him not being in (sorry for the intense coach speak that’s coming up) “football shape.” He’ll have an MRI tomorrow, which means it’s time to start the crossing of your fingers; an offense featuring Jackson alongside Pierre Garcon is lightyears ahead of an offense with Roberts and Ryan Grant taking heavy snaps.

Andre Roberts is in midseason form

By my count, Roberts caught three passes and dropped two. Cousins would be better off targeting a broomstick with duct tape on it than Roberts.

Speaking of big drops...

Is Cully a cousin of Roberts?

Chris Culliver let a sure pick-6 go right between his hands — and into the hands of a Dolphins pass catcher. For a high-priced free agent pickup, that’s a play he has to make. Man, if only Washington’s defense had just spent months in the offseason working on catching passes. Oh wait…they did.

Anybody want it?

The Preston Smith strip-sack that turned into the most chaotic play in NFL history was so much fun to watch. Here’s a transcript of what I said during it: “GET THE BALL. OH NO. GET THE BALL. OH NO. GET THE BALL. WE GOT THE BALL!” Unfortunately, the next possession was an alarmingly quick 3-and-out. Momentum lost, but still a ridiculously entertaining play nonetheless.


Jordan Reed was an X-factor all day long, and he will be all season. Let’s take a moment and wish him health for the rest of the season. Seriously. Do it. Reed is filthy when his hamstrings aren’t strained/pulled/enflamed/hurt in some form or fashion. Loved what I saw from him Sunday.

Gruden needs to be put in timeout for his use of timeouts

Another game, another misuse of timeouts by the ‘Skins’ head man. It’s like he thinks of the logical way to manage the clock, then does the exact opposite. I’d rather have RG3’s intern, Sherman Lewis and Jim Haslett calling TO’s the rest of the way than Gruden. He seems pretty clueless in that area of the game.

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