SI's Andy Benoit film thoughts on Rams are scary heading into Week 2 matchup with Redskins

Insight on Week 2 opponent St. Louis Rams via the Twitter account of SI NFL writer Andy Benoit.

You know those really lame posts where someone just takes a series of tweets, puts them on a page and hits publish? Yeah, well...

What's not lame: Analysis from Sports Illustrated NFL writer Andy Benoit. You may recall Andy spoke with Breaking Burgundy about the Redskins during the summer. Tuesday night he shared with Twitter his film review thoughts on the St. Louis Rams from their Week 1 win over the Seattle Seahawks. As a reminder, the Rams visit FedEx Field Sunday to take on the Washington Redskins. 

Except more directly from Andy on this site later this season. He provided very interesting commentary on the Redskins quarterbacks among other topics. As you'll find out shortly, he did the same with his analysis of the Rams on both sides of the ball. 

Just to help set the scene...Tavon Austin scored touchdowns as a punt returner and on the ground in the Rams 34-31 overtime win. Nick Foles threw for 297 yards and the defense recorded six sacks with two each from Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn. 

Be warned, some of this legitimate frightening in the context of the Redskins' depleted secondary and inexperienced offensive line.

Now, things get legit scary as Andy looks at the Rams defense

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