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Redskins QB Robert Griffin III responded to report of dissension with Kirk Cousins

Reporting of a brewing feud between Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins surfaced Monday and the backup QB apparently responded.

The Redskins come off their first win of the season so of course part of the Monday morning focus ends up on someone who wasn't even in uniform thanks to a report on supposed friction between backup quarterback Robert Griffin III and starter Kirk Cousins.

Bleacher Report's Jason Cole dropped a video report Monday morning with the headline, "Washington QBs RG3, Kirk Cousins Refuse to Speak to Each Other."

"According to multiple sources within the Washington organization," Cole begins, "there is a problem currently existing between Robert Griffin III and starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. Simply put, they don't talk. They don't speak to each other, they don't communicate. They can't even be in the same room together at this point because of the tension that exists between the two sides."

Cole goes on to say this scenario is a "problem" for RG3 because "this is a reflection on him. It is a continuation of a pattern where he simply doesn't get along with teammates."

While not directly mentioning Cole's reporting, Griffin tweeted out an apparent response soon after.

What do we think: Let's start with the report. For starters, I'm sure there is tension, competitive tension. No doubt Griffin wants to play and I'm sure he's not happy with the situation. We've even heard previous reports about Griffin not being on the same page with teammates. But not being able to be in the same room? For what it's worth, I saw Griffin in the Redskins locker room Sunday. Cousins was also there.

But even beyond whether RG3 and Cousins seem like the type to give out the silent treatment, let's note the following about the source of the report. 

August 19 - Cole reports the Redskins, according to two internal sources, want to make RG3 the starter for the entire season "win, lose or draw" so they can a full evaluation.

August 28 - Following Griffin's concussion suffered in Washington's second preseason game, Cole reports and that Colt McCoy and not Kirk Cousins would be the "most likely" option to step in as the starter if needed.

August 31 - Redskins name Cousins the starter.

Griffin hasn't even been the No. 2 QB in either of the opening games. So much for wanting to see this season play out with him playing.

Not doubting Cole's overall coverge of the league, but his recent reporting suggests he might be a bit off with his Washington sourcing.

On some level, none of this reporting matters, at least not the specifics. As long as Griffin is on the roster, such reports will continue or perhaps the QB himself delivers a rogue tweet that sparks controversy. The Redskins cannot let the outside world dictate their personnel decisions, that's true. But there are numerous reasons why the logical move is for them to cut bait with the player they drafted second overall in 2012 and we've discussed them at length. Potential distraction ranks on there.

Don't be shocked if one day after an impressive 24-10 win over the Rams, coach Jay Gruden either addresses or is asked about the reported beef with his quarterbacks. Ugh.

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