NFC East roundup: Panic time in Philly?

We take a look around the NFC East including what to make of the 0-2 Eagles and Giants.

Dallas Cowboys (2-0)

Week Two – Cowboys defeat Eagles 20-10: A big win on the road for the Cowboys came Sunday afternoon in Philly against their division rivals, the Eagles. Dallas’s defense, a weak unit last year, has been the one positive for the team, ranking first in the league against the run. Holding a supposed offensive powerhouse in Philadelphia to fewer than two touchdowns is an impressive feat. The Boys are undefeated with an early lead in the NFC East, but surely aren’t celebrating after just two games due to a duo of team crushing injuries.


In The News: After breaking his foot in the week one contest against New York, Dez Bryant will now sit out for at least ten weeks due to the injury. The bad news only gets worse. Tony Romo left last week’s game with a broken collarbone, landing him a spot on the short-term IR. In order to try to fill the void left at quarterback, Dallas has already acquired Matt Cassel from Buffalo. He’s their problem now. Dallas plans on using Brandon Weeden as the immediate starter, but he struggled last year in Romo’s absence, so depth behind him is key. Just to float it out there, Tim Tebow is in the market. Once a star-studded unit, the Cowboys offense is now dangerously near being in the bottom of the league, with banged up passing weapons and no true starting running back.


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New York Giants (0-2)

Week Two – Giants lose to Falcons 24-20: Close but no cigar! That more or less defines the Giants’ season to this point. Although both games they’ve played in have been close until the fourth, the G-Men have nothing to show for it. Eli Manning is supposed to make the offense look better in the fourth quarter. He’s a 12 year vet. Instead, however, he flopped for the second game in a row when it mattered.


In The News: Much like the Cowboys, seemingly the only silver-lining to an ugly start has been a successful run defense. New York was 30th in the league in that category last year, so their ranking this year, 3rd, is a particular impressive turnaround. All this has come without the presence of the formerly elite defensive end, Jason Pierre-Paul. That being said, the pass defense has been atrocious. Washington, the Giants next opponent, has looked fearsome in the running game so far, with multiple backs leading the charge. It’ll be a tough matchup for New York to keep up the pace against.  Victor Cruz and Jon Beason, both of whom missed the last year due to injury, could return on Thursday, though Beason has a much higher chance. Both veterans could potentially provide a spark of strong mentality that the Giants lack.


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Philadelphia Eagles (0-2)


Week Two – Eagles lose to Cowboys 10-20: Is it time to panic yet? The Eagles offense looked even worse in their second game than they did in their first, averaging a measly 0.4 yareds per carry for a total of 7 rushing yards. DeMarco Murray continued to struggle in his transition to an inside zone, out of the gun running game while Sam Bradford looked dazed and confused by Dallas’ secondary. “Offensive genius” Chip Kelly’s squad didn’t even score until the fourth quarter. The talent is seemingly there, but the execution is nowhere close.


In The News: A collective sigh of relief came from Eagles fans all over the nation when news broke Wednesday that Kiko Alonso has only a knee sprain, and not a torn ACL. The former Bills will continue to play a leadership role in the Philly defense that can’t be overstated. A collective sigh of disdain came from NFL fans over the nation after it may be that yet another cheating scandal is on the way. Obviously, no team that gets whooped could ever lose in a fair game. In fact, it would be reasonable to assume that if your team loses, foul play is always the root cause. Eagles receiver Josh Huff told reporters on Tuesday that whenever he lined up on the Dallas sideline, he could hear the Cowboys players calling out Philadelphia’s next play.

It’s time to stop blaming losses on exterior factors and accept that bad play is what causes bad loses.


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