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Extra Reps: Going beyond the obvious Redskins-Giants headlines

Focusing on those other things that happened in the Washington Redskins loss at the New York Giants

Now that the Week 3 matchup between the Redskins and the Giants is over, it's time to prepare for the process in which coaches, players, and analysts break down the biggest plays from the contest many times during the next few days. However, there are plenty of other plays from the game, ones that won't necessarily garner a lot of attention in the highlight shows or get their spot in online stories, which are still important. They may be quirky, they may be funny, or they may be awful, but they're important nonetheless.

In Extra Reps, my job is to bring your attention to those plays. You'll hear plenty of talk about the special teams screwing up again, but what about the eerie similarities between Matt Jones’ fumble Thursday night and RG3’s from last year? That's where I come in — to analyze the under-analyzed.

Let's get some extra reps:

Thompson loves the Big Apple

Running back Chris Thompson has played in nine career NFL games. After Thursday night, he has two career touchdowns, both of which came in New York. Note to self: Pick up Chris Thompson in all fantasy leagues and formats if and only if he is playing in MetLife Stadium. 

Primetime is for Deion, not the ‘Skins

I’ve always liked 1 o’clock NFL games the best. You get to wake up, chill for a few hours, and boom, it’s kickoff. There’s also a ton of other matchups going on, meaning there’s lots of fantasy monitoring and never a dull commercial break. But let me tell you the principle reason why I like 1 o’clock NFL games the best:Because the Redskins aren’t extra garbage-y when it’s Sunday afternoon! Following Thursday' loss, Washington 4-18 in primetime games since 2008. Sure, they aren’t great overall, but they also aren’t hopeless!!! Forget Thursday night, forget Sunday night, and forget Monday night — I pledge to never, ever get my hopes up for a primetime game again.

Ross is boss

Have to end this post on a high note, so let’s turn to Rashad Ross. #19 scored for the first time in his NFL life against the Giants, and he did it in spectacular fashion:

For those of you keeping track at home, that’s the first Washington kickoff that was taken to the house since Brandon Banks’ 96-yarder in Detroit in 2010. Maybe

special teams aren’t all that ba — eh, never mind.

[RECAP - Giant step back in Redskins' 32-21 loss]

Durantula sighting

It’s one thing when NBA superstar Kevin Durant posts a picture on Instagram of him wearing Redskins gear. It’s another thing altogether when he shows up to support the team in person — especially at a road game. But that’s what happened on Thursday, as the man who every Wizards fan is hoping to see ‘come home’ soon came out to cheer on his favorite football franchise:

My money is on him electing to stay in Oklahoma City because of how abhorrent the Redskins’ special teams are. Let’s hope I’m wrong. 

Brandon’s back

Last night’s game was the first time the Redskins got to square off with former safety Brandon Meriweather, who, in my opinion at least, is one of the worst players to suit up for the organization in the last decade. He was always out of control and out of position, and will forever have a permanent place in my Ring of Shame. 

Sounds like I’m not alone, either:

Really wish Kirk could’ve thrown a bomb over a trailing Meriweather on Thursday, so fans could’ve gotten at least a little bit of satisfaction after seeing it happen to him while he was in D.C. so many times. We’ll always have Week 12 to look forward to, though.

Hey, haven’t we seen that before…

The momentum-killing, out of the end zone rolling Matt Jones fumble last night sure looked a lot like a play from the 2014 season. What do you think?:

Not to go all Office Space on everybody, but if Jay Gruden’s players could stop turning touchdowns into touchbacks, “That’d be great.”

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