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Eagles-Redskins: Battle for first or worst?

This NFC East matchup is often interesting and contentious. Sunday's Eagles-Redskins matchup could be as well, or not.

By Talib Babb, special to Breaking Burgundy

The Philadelphia Eagles are bringing their “high-powered” offense to FedEx Field to take on the Washington Redskins. Sam Bradford vs. Kirk Cousins. 1:00pm. America’s Game of the Week!


Ok, sorry, it’s not. The national audience is being robbed of an instant classic.


Two 1-2 teams. Two quarterbacks with questionable futures with their respective teams. It’s the team with the ‘racially offensive name’ against the team with the ‘racist’ coach. (Had to put those two things in quotation marks because I didn’t say it, just quoting the media, athletes and politicians on it.)


It doesn’t get any better than this!


I lied. It definitely does. But this rivalry has had some pretty entertaining games in recent memory.


Last year in Week 3, the Birds and the Skins had a 37-34 shootout, which Philly eventually won. Kirk Cousins threw for 427 yards and 3 touchdowns while DeSean Jackson was the recipient of one of the TDs. D-Jax backpedaled into the endzone for an 80-yard touchdown catch and run to give his former team a middle finger for releasing him.


Then in Week 16, Robert Griffin III got his last win as the Redskins starting quarterback when they spoiled the Eagles playoff hopes by beating them 27-24.


The stakes aren’t as high this Sunday, but one team is going to go 1-3 and somebody’s fan base is going to be pretty angry. And if it’s the Eagles fan base they’ll be super angry because ‘pretty angry’ is their default mood.


Here are a few stats that probably don’t matter, but could get you a few retweets on Twitter from your followers that love sports:


- Washington leads the all-time series 82-74-6.

- Philadelphia has won three of the last four meetings.

- The Eagles are 19-11 since the year 2000.

- Sam Bradford had his second highest passer-rating (117.6) of his career against the Redskins back in 2012.

- Chip Kelly is 0-2 in Week 4 in his NFL coaching career.


Both teams were already thoroughly outplayed by a division rival leaving them 0-1 in the NFC East. So Sunday will be a big one as far as division implications go.


The New York Giants play at the all of a sudden legit Buffalo Bills and Brandon Weeden’s Dallas Cowboys play at the New Orleans Saints on Sunday night. This all means the winner of this game could potentially be tied for the division lead. Yes, get excited about possibly leading the division after Week 4 you low-expectation having fan.


Oh and remember when I mentioned Kelly and the Eagles “high-powered” offense at the beginning of this blog? Here are some numbers to highlight just how “high-powered” and “explosive” this offense really is.


Entering Monday, the Eagles ranked 31st in the league with 285 yards per game. Oh yes, “high-powered.”


The Eagles rank 30th in rushing with 64.3 yards per game. Mhmm, “high-powered.”


Bradford and the Eagles passing offense? They rank 22nd with 221 yards per game. So much explosion.


And finally, the Eagles average 19.3 points per game. Oh yes, say it with me, “HIGH-POWERED!”


In fairness to the Eagles lack of offensive production, it’s still early. They’ve only played three games. There is a lot of new pieces so maybe we should all take a page out of the Philadelphia 76ers book and ‘Trust the Process.’ The Eagles offense might explode at some point this season, but the Redskins hope it’s not Sunday.


I don’t know what really will happen, but I can tell you that both fan bases will exert a ton of energy after many plays yelling expletives at the television wondering what their quarterback was thinking.


I don’t know what really will happen, but I can tell you that the losing team’s fan base will get on social media to make some pretty illogical, however, somehow strong cases for why they should make RG3 the starter.  


I don’t know what really will happen, but I can tell you there will be a bunch of Eagles fans in FedEx Field booing both teams.


So just make sure you find yourself in front of a television to watch Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania’s Game of the Week at 1pm on Sunday to see the drama unfold.

Talib Babb is a freelancer for, producer for 106.7 The Fan, stand-up comic and Maryland native. You can find him on Twitter @talibbabb.

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