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'Five W's': Talking Chip Kelly, Philadelphia Eagles and Donald Trump with ABC News' Karen Travers

Chip Kelly a coaching visionary? DeMarco Murray set to rebound? Redskins-Eagles? ABC News corespondent Karen Travers on those topics and...Donald Trump?

Each week Breaking Burgundy checks in with a media member or interested party of the Washington Redskins' next opponent for the "Five W" questions. With Chip Kelly and the 1-2 Philadelphia Eagles on tap for Sunday's meeting at potentially waterlogged FedEx Field, we check in with Karen Travers, ABC News correspondent, Georgetown University alum and Philly sports fan.

Breaking Burgundy: WHO the heck should play running back for the Eagles this week?

Karen Travers: Is Brian Westbrook an option? If not, then it’s a tough call. I’m hot on Ryan Matthews right now but DeMarco Murray is certainly well rested after sitting out the first three games of the season. (Wait, he played the first two? And still only has 11 yards rushing??)


BB: WHAT do you dislike more...

Covering 36-hour filibusters or the other teams in the NFC East? NFC East.  Filibusters have to end sometime…unlike the dumpster fire that can be this division.

Covering 36-hour filibusters or, as someone who lives in the D.C. area, the relentless RG3 coverage? Filibusters. I can’t get enough of the drama that is RG3 and the Redskins. Even as an Eagles fan, I found myself rooting for him in the beginning…just not when we played him. He was the total package and you want to see a young guy like that succeed. The angsty hand-wringing about how the Redskins ruined a once in a life time talent will never get old.

Covering 36-hour filibusters or the constant focus on all things Chip Kelly? Chip Kelly – Way more breathless analysis and attempts at reading the tea leaves. I don’t want to resort to hyperbole but let’s call Kelly a visionary along the line of Steve Jobs. Sports fans are just too impatient and want results right away – give him time!  My brother has already cast Michael Fassbender in the role of Chip for the film version of the Eagles astonishing run to the 2015-16 Super Bowl title (still working on Bradley Cooper to play Kiko Alonso, if he comes back from injury)


Covering 36-hour filibusters or the first three weeks of the DeMarco Murray era? Murray era. This has been a rough 3 weeks…I think Sundayis the day he turns it on.  


BB: WHERE are you watching the game Sunday?

KT: The two Eagles/Redskins games are always tough weekends. My group of friends here is made up a lot of DC natives who grew up as diehard Redskins fans, many with season tickets. Now that we are getting older and having kids, the day long excursions to FedEx with pre and post-game tailgating are over so we try and watch games at each other’s houses. They watch the Redskins and I’m the one in the corner hijacking a friend’s DirectTV log-in so I can watch Philly games streaming on my phone. This Sunday my Redskins fan husband suggested we host the game watch. I agreed but warned that I could end up watching alone in our bedroom if things get ugly.


My goal is to get my 2.5 year old daughter in her pink Eagles jersey before my husband realizes it. We apparently made a deal when I was very pregnant (and bleary-eyed tired?) that our daughter would be a Phillies fan for baseball if that meant I gave up on her being an Eagles fan. There’s no legal document recording this agreement so I’m trying to challenge it as much as possible.


My younger brother Ryan lives in DC so he will come over, rocking a 1996 Kelly green Ricky Watters jersey ("For who? For what?"), and we’ll run the entire gamut of being convinced we’re going to the Super Bowl to calling for the team to be disbanded – all before halftime. I will also be obsessively texting my friend Matt in Chicago (generous owner of the DirectTV login) who will also hit extreme highs of jubilation and lows of despair during 4 quarters of football.


But no matter how the game is going, I don’t gloat – I’m a Philly fan, I know how quickly fortunes can change. But I will get excited if Sam Bradford suddenly looks like the QB that Chip Kelly seems to think he is…


BB: WHY do you think the Eagles beat or lose to the Redskins?

KT: Philly will definitely win this game. Ugh even just typing that sentence makes my stomach hurt and gives me flashbacks to the terrible loss last December that contributed to our dashed playoff hopes. But I will go with a W because…In Chip We Trust? The Eagles D looked good against the Jets and I think Kirk Cousins is a ticking time bomb for interceptions like Ryan Fitzpatrick.


BB: We skipped the WHEN questions and went to a relative of the Fivee W's...HOW will the Chip Kelly era and current Presidential front runners be faring by Feb. 1, the date of the Iowa Caucus and less than a week before the Super Bowl?

KT: Chip will demand Jeffrey Lurie give him a part ownership of the Eagles while fending off phone calls from SEC schools. Donald Trump likes to boast about the deals he makes…maybe he represents Kelly in his negotiations after his campaign ends? 

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