Common ground between Kirk Cousins, Dustin Hopkins and Matt Jones' hair? Grades after four game

From Scot McCloughan's initial draft success to Ryan Kerrigan's season, Breaking Burgundy grades the Redskins after four weeks.

We’re a quarter of the way through the NFL season, so let’s hand out some grades to the Redskins. I’ll evaluate the typical stuff you see in posts like this, but also judge some things that are a little more subjective. Feel free to hit me up on Twitter and grade my performance, by the way — just know that if it’s below a C I’ll probably block you forever.

Kirk Cousins: B

Kirk Cousins has been pretty good for Washington through four games, and that’s exactly what they need him to be. Do they need him to be 2007 Tom Brady? While that would be nice, no, they don’t. But they also need him to not be 2012 Mark Sanchez. Kirk has played really well in his team’s two wins, and he was still decent in their two losses. The turnover question will always be there, but as long as he keeps leading the offense like he has, Scot McCloughan and company should be pleased with the man under center.

Scot McCloughan’s rookies: A

It’s early, but man, SMGM looks like he hit a Bryce Harper-esque home run with his first draft class. For all the stressing about Brandon Scherff's move to guard, he’s helped solidify what’s become a reputable offensive line. Preston Smith and Matt Jones, meanwhile, have been good rotational pieces, with Smith already notching two sacks and three forced fumbles and Jones averaging 4.7 yards per carry. And Jamison Crowder and Kyshoen Jarrett shined against Philly. For a franchise that usually drafts players as well as Josh Scobee kicks field goals, this is an encouraging start.

Matt Jones’ hair: F

Matt Jones has been a nice story so far, even though he’s tailed off a bit since his sterling performance against the Rams in Week 2. Matt Jones’ hair, though? That’s a much different story:


The dreads are a cool look, but if defenders keep using them to pull him down, he may have to start considering taking a trip to a Hair Cuttery.


Ryan Kerrigan: C+


For an unabashed Ryan Kerrigan fan, this one hurts a bit, but what kind of grader would I be if I weren’t fair? Kerrigan got a big extension this offseason — and one he absolutely, 1,000% deserved — but so far he’s only been OK. Not playing in the preseason has definitely contributed to his slow start, and it’s not like he’s been nonexistent on the field, but 1 ½ sacks through four games is a little under what most would’ve expected for #91. Wait for this grade to improve, however, as the season progresses. Everyone’s familiar with receiving a bad mid-semester report, and everyone knows it’s what you do after it that matters. Look for him to get better.


Andre Roberts: D


To the surprise of no one, Andre Roberts has had more troubles when it comes to catching the football in 2015. And now, after being inactive for the Eagles game, it looks like he may have trouble catching a spot on the weekly game day roster. First, Crowder stole Roberts’ punt return job, and now, it looks like he took his slot receiver duties, too. The end in D.C. may be near for #12.


Dustin Hopkins: A

Oh please, please please please pleasepleaseplease don’t let this compliment of Hopkins be the thing that jinxes him PLEASE, because the new kicker is off to a fantastic start with the ‘Skins.


The man signed to replace Kai Forbath has been perfect on his kicks through three contests and routinely hits kickoffs not just out of the end zone, but also into the stands. Now it’s time to hope that I haven’t put a curse on him and pray he doesn’t come out against the Falcons, miss three extra points, and cost the team the game. Sorry in advance if he does.


Chris Baker’s sack dances: A+++++++


Everything about this is perfect.


Chris Baker is the valedictorian and class president and graduation speaker of this article, because his beautiful sack dance has led to him earning a GPA of infinity.

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