The Fun Bunch: Redskins at Jets

Breaking Burgundy's Film Analyst Paul Conner shares his "fun bunch" of thoughts from Redskins at Jets.

The Washington Redskins drop to 2-4 after losing to the New York Jets, 34-20. The game wasn't as close as the score indicates and despite a 13-10 halftime lead, the Redskins never looked like they had control of the game. My  Fun Bunch of thoughts from Week 6:

Bashaud Breeland is a gamer. I said it when the Redskins drafted him and he reinforced it his rookie year. He just has an animal in him that comes out when he is needed the most. Rusty after his suspension and injury, Breeleand quickly got back up to speed when the Redskins were minus DeAngelo Hall and Chris Culliver. Outside of a garbage time blocked punt/TD, the Redskins points all came off takeaways that involved Breeland in some way. The team wasted an incredible effort by one player. The Redskins have a star who will only continue to grow in his role.

* The Redskins are not running the ball and it's hurting the entire team. It's hurting Kirk Cousins, it's hurting the defense and it's hurting the play-calling. I made this point after the Redskins lost to the Falcons in overtime and the reaction I received is what inspired this new "Fun Bunch" series. The Redskins swiped Bill Callahan from the Cowboys, gave him a No. 5 overall pick and told him to go to work. For two weeks, it worked great. The Redskins were running well, controlling the clock, and actually had an identity. That identity is gone. The Redskins yards per carry average is low and keeping the team behind the sticks. That puts the ball in Cousins hands more. Not ideal. I said it last week, the Redskins are not giving Cousins a game he can manage. More on Cousins' performance in a moment.

* I see a theory being floated around Twitter that the Redskins can't run because Cousins is so bad. That teams are stacking the box with eight defenders because they aren't afraid of Cousins' arm. Boiled down, that opinion means you can't have a good run game if you don't have a good quarterback. Which, of course, is ridiculous. Teams ARE stacking the box against the Redskins to stop the run but it's quite common around the league on obvious running downs. Teams are always trying to stop the run. No one fears Alex Smith's arm but Jamal Charles happens. No one fears Fitzpatrick's arm but Chris Ivory happens.  No one fears Kaepernick's arm but Carlos Hyde happens. No one fears Nick Foles' arm but Todd Gurley is happening. See what I'm getting at? Running against an eight-man box isn't pretty. You're not going to get a body on a body. But if you're imposing your will, you have five mean, nasty OL pushing defenders into defenders, you're knocking people down, and you are creating lanes for your RB to find. And for the hype the fan base has for Callahan, it should be happening here. The running game is struggling yet he appears to be untouchable. 

* As a twitter follower said to me and it sums up my thoughts perfectly, "When the Redskins lose, only Jay Gruden and Kirk Cousins are to blame. When the Redskins win, it is in spite of them." There are 53 players on this roster and an entire coaching staff. The vendettas are obvious on this one.


* Kirk Cousins needs to show improvement. The goal should always be to get better. He is working his way into reverse. Cousins has always had a bit of an accuracy issue but it seems like the longer he plays (games), the more inaccurate he becomes. This happened last year as well. He starts off well and trails off bit by bit. It's almost like an MLB pitcher who has burned out his arm. Cousins is leaving too many opportunities on the field by throwing behind his intended targets. "It's just what he does" with regards to interceptions can't continue to be his tagline. That can't be the expectation and it can't be the norm from your starting quarterback. The inaccurate throws and losses are starting to pile up on his body language. If he continues this slope, he'll look as lost as he did against the Titans last year -- when he was replaced.

*The Redskins fan base is divided over the QB issue and it got ugly this week. The Dan Steinberg/Bomani Jones article in the Washington Post only further cemented the walls. I may go into further detail at some point regarding my thoughts on the matter but as someone who has watched and evaluated both their pro tape since 2012, both have been bad. I know that's not the answer many want and everyone wants a winner declared/be right, but the answer could be as simple as that. Maybe neither can be a starting NFL QB.

The Fun Bunch for Week 6

1. Bashaud Breeland

2. Dashon Goldson

3. Dustin Hopkins

4. Jamison Crowder

5. Pierre Garcon

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