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This week's "Fun Bunch" of thoughts from the Redskins record-setting comeback victory against the Buccaneers, 31-30.

Breaking Burgundy's Film Analyst Paul Conner shares his "Fun Bunch" of thoughts from the Redskins record-setting comeback victory against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers.

The Redskins just set a new franchise record for the largest comeback margin in franchise history in front of the Redskins alumni. The start of the game left much to be desired but the finish was one not many imagined. My Fun Bunch of thoughts from Week 7.

  • This may be an unpopular opinion but Kirk Cousins is growing. What he can grow into might not be as big and grand as fans want at their starting QB position, but he can operate the offense. He's doing it ugly but he is doing it. The run game has been nonexistent and the words "this game will ride on Cousins' arm" has produced nightmares for two years. Yet, with no run game against the Eagles, Cousins was able to win the game with his arm. With no run game against the Falcons, Cousins was able to tie the game and send it into overtime. He also lost the game with his interception but on paper, the Falcons should have dominated them and the game shouldn't have been that close. Today, the Redskins averaged 2.2 yards per carry and were down 24 points. The Buccaneers were in a position to pin their ears back and attack but on Cousins arm, they chipped away at the lead and he lead a game winning drive. Mostly inconceivable. No over-reactions, he's still going to do what we know he will do but he's doing some things we didn't know he could do.

  • The Redskins need to find a way to get the run game going. They need to find something that works. Their play at center is really hurting the team. The running backs are having to make their cut off the center's block because how far he has been pushed back. The three-step drop game is helping but the OL has looked much better in pass protection.

  • There are way too many gaps being missed in run defense. I noticed vs. the Jets that the Redskins were crashing their play-side OLB inside but had no one to contain. At least, no one was there to contain. I noticed it a few times today as well. It might be something I use the tape to analyze but bottom line are gaps aren't being filled.

  • How come Andre Roberts can catch the hard ones but not the easy ones?

  • Another guy who no one likes giving credit to is Jay Gruden. Great call with the onsides kick after that second touchdown. The Redskins converted a 4th down that got called back on an penalty and took away their chance at points. Gruden called a challenge that he won but the Redskins gave up the yards after. Gruden said the coaching staff saw something on tape and put it into effect when they felt like they needed an extra possession.


  • The great effort by Bashaud Breeland in chasing down Doug Martin and making a touchdown saving tackle can't be understated. At the expense of all effort and possibly his health, Breeland forced Martin out of bounds around the 5-yard line. I don't know if the defense fed off that effort but excellent job by them on three consecutive plays not giving up the touchdown. Poor play calling by Buccaneers but forcing the field goal is the only thing that made the game winning drive possible. Trenton Robinson was almost the heel of the game.

  • I've wanted to see Preston Smith on the field more but not at the expense of Ryan Kerrigan. Hopefully, the injury isn't too bad. Smith needs to put a premium on his practice reps to show coaches he is ready for more time.

  • Falling so far behind a below average team certainly matters but overcoming a 24 point deficit against ANY team matters more. Today was a lesson in resiliency not shown by any modern-day Redskins team. The players body language showed very little panic, the offense took what was there and the defense buckled down when it mattered the most. The Redskins will enjoy this win in front of their alumni and hopefully ride this momentum through the bye week into a strong showing against the New England Patriots.

  • You like that?
The Fun Bunch for Week 7

1. Jordan Reed

2. Kirk Cousins

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