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Social media react on Redskins win - 'YOU LIKE THAT'

From Kirk Cousins screaming to Scot McCloughan offering praise, we look at the Redskins' postgame Twitterverse

* Who says Kirk Cousins doesn't get emotional

Oh, wait, did he channel he actually channel his inner Paul Pierce?

Cousins returned to his cool and calm self when meeting with the media during his postgame press conference.

“I try to stay like this. I don’t hit the panic button when things are going bad and I don’t feel like we’ve got it all figured out when we win. It’s a step in the process. It’s Week 7, we’ve got a log ways to go. We’ve got to learn from the plays that didn’t go well, just as much as we enjoy the ones that did. Am I going to enjoy this one tonight? Yeah, absolutely. It’s probably unhealthy to just always be stoic, but at the same time it’s not like all of our problems are solved and we have everything figured out, but at the same time when I throw two interceptions and we lose I’m not going to freak out and hit the panic button either. And if I start to do that, I won’t last in this league very long. I try to stay like this even within the game. Just stay like this and see where we are at the end.”

* Terrance "Pot Roast" Knighton on the quarterback's big moment

* Rookie wide receiver Jamison Crowder caught five passes Sunday including a high-rising grab on the final drive. He received props postgame from a certain someone

*Things ended nicely, but many fans were in a booing mood when the Redskins walked off the field trailing 24-7. Linebacker Keenan Robinson noticed.

* As for just some happy Redskins

And of course, the requisite Wale interjection.

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