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Redskins bye week review: The half-glass full version

Sure, 3-4 isn't a winning record, but the Redskins don't look like the losers many assumed heading into the season.

Raise your hand if you had the Redskins at 3-4 by the bye week? Raise your hand if you had the Redskins getting three wins all season? Raise your hand if you thought the Redskins would be in the mix in their division and the Baltimore Ravens would be cooked? 

Most of you are lying but it's fine, all that matters here is that the Redskins are second in the NFC East seven weeks into the season, way higher than most would have predicted. And I don't need Kirk Cousins to help me tell you, but I'm sure you like that! 

Want to feel even better about your team? The NFL currently has just 11 teams above .500. So everybody is mediocre. That means the Washington Redskins are operating like a normal team, yay!  

Now, Cousins play thru the first seven games wasn't too likable at times. Some games Cousins looked like he could be a solid NFL quarterback and in others he looked like he belonged in NFL Europe as a backup.  

But, he's hanging in there and giving himself a chance to be the Redskins future. And if he's not the future, at least he's in the record books with engineering the largest comeback in franchise history. He also tied the Redskins completion record, which was previously set by Jason Campbell.  

So face it, Kirk Cousins will forever be in your thoughts, and weirdly enough Jason Campbell. 

Want to know what else is weird? How the run defense could stop running backs the first four weeks and now they can’t stop, won’t stop anybody. 

The last three games they've allowed an infinite amount of yards (587 to be exact). Thru seven games, the Redskins trio of running backs only have 671 yards combined. During this bye week after they rest up, the defensive players need to get a few push-ups in and chug protein shakes to get ready to bring down the likes of LeGarrette Blount, Jonathan Stewart and many more of the big bruising running backs that remain on the schedule.  

Injuries are another thing that make these first seven weeks somewhat more impressive. The injury list for the Redskins is longer than Hillary Clinton's Benghazi hearing. Ok, I exaggerated, the Benghazi hearing wasn’t as long but you get the point. 


They’re missing playmakers on the defensive side of the ball, missing offensive lineman, Jordan Reed missed two games and the CEO of Jaccpot Records DeSean Jackson played for about the length of one song in the season opener until he went out with a hamstring injury. 

They survived all of that to stay afloat in the NFC East and as a fan you survived all of the good, bad and the ugly. So enjoy this winning bye week, because your team is still in it. 

And you should also enjoy it because the unbeatable New England Patriots are next. 

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