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We made Redskins bingo cards for Sunday's game against the Patriots because why not

Whether the Redskins shock the world or get rolled by the Patriots, we've got a way for you to have fun regardless. Yes, Redskins bingo is real.

Football is strange, because it’s very unpredictable, but at the same time, it’s very predictable, too. Sorry if I sounded like Matthew McConaughey from "True Detective" right there, but stick with me. 

Take the Redskins, for instance: One week, they’ll come out and beat the Eagles, but another week they’ll get grounded by the Jets. However, while their games are often wildly inconsistent from one Sunday to the next, a lot of things happen every single time the Burgundy and Gold take the field. And for that reason, I’ve made some BINGO cards for Washington fans, except instead of filling the squares with numbers, I’ve filled them with a few of those common events.

That’s not all, though. I even made two different versions of Redskins BINGO — a positive version and a negative version. This will allow you to play with whatever board fits the flow of the game better.

Here’s a few variations of the positive one, so you and your friends can all play along:

And here’s a few variations of the negative one, so you and your friends can all get really sad:

So, what are you waiting for? Print these out before the ‘Skins and Patriots do battle, and get yourself some BINGO chips. Oh and post pictures of your winning - or empty - cards on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@breakburundy).

The Redskins may not win on Sunday, but if Lady Luck (or the wind…sorry Jay) is on your side, you just might.

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