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Week 9 Fun Bunch: Press box thoughts on Redskins losing in New England

Breaking Burgundy's Film Analyst Paul Conner shares his Fun Bunch of thoughts on the Redskins' 27-10 loss against the Patriots.

FOXBOROUGH, Ma. -- The final score read 27-10 with the Washington Redskins falling to the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots. For those watching, it didn't seem that close. The game seemed like a foregone conclusion before the opening kickoff and played out the same way. However, the Patriots made some uncharacteristic mistakes. Alas, when opportunities existed, but the Redskins didn't capitalize and self-destructed repeatedly. Here are my Fun Bunch of thoughts from Week 9:

* That start by the Redskins, yikes. On New England's first drive they:

  • Allowed a fourth down conversion
  • Almost a TD to Dion Lewis, but the Patriots running back dropped the pass from Tom Brady
  • Eventually gave up touchdown to Julian Edelman. 

Wait, there's more.

  • The Patriots went for an onside kick which they recovered.
  • That possession ended with the Redskins recoverng a fumble, but then they gave the ball on their first play via Pierre Garcon's tipped pass turning into an interception.
  • The next two passes from Kirk Cousins ended in drops by Derek Carrier and Jordan Reed. 

Many contributed to that dubious start. The Redskins were lucky they were only down 14-0 after the first quarter.

* Kirk Cousins needs help on the offensive side. For weeks, the run game has been non-existent. In today's game, his receivers refused to catch open, accurate passes. We can all agree he has capped abilities but again, if his team gives him a manageable game then he can work within the framework. When they don't, all hell breaks loose and no matter who is at fault for the dropped passes or interceptions, Cousins is the one who has to stand at the podium and take the heat for them.

* It was clear from the start that the Patriots weren't showing much respect out of the gate. They went for it on a 4th and 2 and then kicked an onside kick. That's two risks back to back. When a team doesn't respect your ability to capitalize on a failed attempt, it makes those decisions easier for a coach like Bill Belichick. 

* The second half didn't start much better. Andre Roberts fumbled the second half kickoff and Matt Jones fumbled too which the Patriots recovered. The 4th quarter just seemed like a slow bleeding of time. 

*The return of DeSean Jackson didn't merit much. He didn't see a lot of targets and the Patriots still challenged the receivers underneath. Jackson wasn't going to be their top priority. They played Jackson's double move but it was the playmaking wide receiver's first game back and Cousins arm has to warrant that worry. 

* It's evident the Redskins plan on run defense isn't working. In film review, we talked about the defenders crashing on the play and losing containment. Opposing teams have begun running more power and counter plays against the Redskins to get a lead blocker out there as well. 

I also caught up with several players postgame about the loss and what went wrong.

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