Expect busy scoreboard for Redskins-Saints

We don't know what's going to happen Sunday at FedEx Field, but let's go out on a limb and suggest points will plentiful.

"Not one. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six." --- LeBron James on how many drops the Redskins didn't have.


The team actually had seven dropped passes against the defending champs, but don't dare say DeSean Jackson had anything to do with those because DeSean is a professional. He’s so professional that he doesn’t drop passes nor show up to OTAs, take that Jay Gruden.


Besides the dropped passes, things went as expected at Gillette Stadium, the Redskins just couldn’t match up and the New England Patriots handled their business.


Now it’s time to face another future Hall of Fame quarterback. It’s on to Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, the team that can score 60 points while giving up 61.


"Why play defense" says the Saints defense every Sunday. Rob Ryan and them have it all figured out. They still get paid whether they do their job or not. They got the right attitude about it.


The Redskins put up 40 points the last time they played the Saints. The last time these two teams squared off it was in 2012. It was the beginning of a new era, a quick era, but a new one nonetheless. It was Robert Griffin III's debut as an NFL quarterback.


RG3 got the Burgundy and Gold faithful all hot and bothered completing 19-of-26 passes for 320 yards with 2 touchdowns in a victory over the Saints in the Superdome.


This time around Kirk Cousins will be the one putting up big numbers on the horrid Saints defense and RG3 will be on the sideline wearing a hoody. My, how time flies.


Much different circumstances this time because Cousins and company will need to pull out a win. It’s not “Code Red,” but it might be a “Code Orange” just because of the division standings and the fact that the Skins have to play the currently unbeaten Carolina Panthers in Week 10.


This has to be the game the Redskins running game shows up, right? The Saints run defense is in the bottom ten in rush yards allowed per game. Washington hasn’t had 100 yards on the ground since Week 4 against the Eagles.


So maybe expecting 100 yards from the Redskins rushing offense is too much. Maybe we can take baby steps. But even baby steps on the putrid New Orleans defense can get you at least 110 yards. Whatever, just get positive yards.


Here are some stats that probably don’t matter, but could be used as pickup lines:


-      The Redskins lead the all-time series 16-8

-      The Redskins dropped seven passes against the Patriots, they had only dropped eight passes all season before they played New England

-      The Redskins have been outscored a combined 41-10 in the first half of their last two games

-      Drew Brees has a combined 11 touchdowns his last two games, you have to count the Redskins last five games to reach 11 total touchdowns on offense


Looking around the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys, who’ve lost six straight and might need Jason Garrett to play at quarterback, face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles take on the Miami Dolphins, which could be a loss for the Birds. And the Giants play the Patriots, which is always a loss for the Giants, in the regular season (for some reason Eli Manning gets it done when those two teams meet for all the marbles).


So a loss for the Skins doesn’t kill them, but it would be a significant wound to send them to 3-6.


I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you don't you dare start either defense in fantasy this week.


I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you that the Redskins won't have to wait until the fourth quarter to score a touchdown this week.


I don’t know what will really happen, but I can tell you that if the Redskins drop seven passes again on Sundaythey might have to really take a look at bringing Chris Cooley back.


This is the week the punt teams might have a bye with both teams lighting up the scoreboard. Vegas has the betting line for this one at 'Even'. They expect it to be a close one so there shouldn't be a need for paper bags over the heads from either fanbase.  

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